Visit Uganda Rwanda with Rooftop Tent Car

People go camping for many reasons some of which are too personal to be shared. But what the reasons, there is need to identify the best tents for your camping safari regardless of the season of the year. In some parts of Africa weather is unpredictable, it is important to consider camping gear that can be used regardless of the season. But with the 4×4 rooftop tent car at any weather condition you can experience your camping holidays in Uganda and Rwanda.


There’s nothing worse than struggling your way through setting up a camp especially when you are on extended trips that are largely on the move. However, hiring a rooftop tented vehicle for this case would be more beneficial to you. It is much flexible with your needs.  A roof top tent is very easy to set up and time saving. Zipping it on and pegging the corners require not more than a minute.

You can secure your sleeping bag and pillows up in them while they’re folded away. That makes setting up and packing up camp even quicker and keeps your storage space inside your vehicle free for other things.

The flexibility of these tents also makes them ideal for those doing overland trips through rough terrain and high alpine areas. For example, in Eastern Uganda, most of the interesting spots such as at Sipi Falls on the slopes of Mountain Elgon, camping in a ground tent would be annoying to find a good flat ground for a tent.


Rooftop tents create a flat surface to sleep on, and you will wake well rested compared to the ground-tent. The heavier materials of the roof rack allow for thick mattresses and great weather protection.

Another reason where the rooftop tents hits the mark is about their dramatic system that allows you more space in the vehicle such as that of the car trunk that would have been used to carry the tent itself and other bedding like mattresses.

As long as it is fitted correctly to the rear of the vehicle and on its rack, it’ll sit down nice and protected out of the wind buffer zone. If you haven’t used a rooftop tented vehicle for a camping trip to Uganda and Rwanda, better do. After just one night’s camping, you’ll never want to go back to any other type of campsite accommodation!

Weather Proof

You will never worry about the unlikely changing weather conditions if you have a roof top tented vehicle. Car top tents are prone to any weather condition. They would be perfect for poor camp grounds that are prone to being affected by nasty weather since you are always lifted up from the ground. This also secures you from packing or moving with a dirty tent for instance when it has rained or been pitched on a muddy ground.

These tents are always tested to withstand winds in excess of 50 mph. This also assures you of being safe from being blown away as many would assume at first since Uganda’s winds are always below that.