Mount Hiking Adventures in Africa

Tanzania Hiking Tours

Welcome to Africa a home of wildlife safaris, gorilla tours, birding safaris and cultural aspects in all the African countries.

After these experiences today, tourists take adventure trips to the amazing mountains found in countries like Tanzania, Kilimanjaro, Uganda owning the Rwenzori, Kenya for the Mount Kenya and then to the Democratic Republic of Congo where you find the active Mount Nyiragongo with the boiling Lava at the summit and visiting these 04 mountains in Africa it so amazing that traveler wouldn’t miss after gorilla and wildlife safaris.

Kilimanjaro Mountain Hiking in Tanzania

Enjoying the top of the world is done at Kilimanjaro Mountain most especially to those who are always looking for challenges, then Kilimanjaro is the answer for your needs, this is another dormant volcano in located in the Republic of Tanzania and its is 5885m above the ground and it is well known for its amusing altitude.

This is the highest mountain in the whole of Africa with its snow-capped peaks and therefore it’s found inside the Kilimanjaro national park.

The fact that you are reading this guide will make you one of a thousand hikers who climb this mountain yearly, the reason as to why people flock into this park is that most of them are too enthusiastic to stand on the Roof of Africa since the mountain is the highest in Africa hence having around seven summits on its top with Uhuru being the highest Peak.

Those willing to take up a hike at this great mountain need to prepare for a long hike since it can even take 10days to ascend the mountain depending on how physically fit the hikers are, on certain occasion few hikers reach the peak due to its technical difficulty.

Routes such as, Machame, Rongai, Lemosho, Marangu, Northern Circuit, Umbwe and Shira route offers visitors with a wide range of options and depending on your choice, different routes have got different distances and each route takes a varied number of days to reach the summit.

And the park has got two seasons including January-March and June to October with January being the coldest season compared to the later but starting from June to October it’s the park’s highest and busiest season.

Starting from April, November and May it’s the wettest time and not recommended time for hiking. The mountain peak is covered by snow during November to May.

Rwenzori Mountain in Uganda

Uganda Hiking SafarisThis is a Uganda based mountain found in Rwenzori National Park in the western region of the country, Rwenzori mountain is the Africa’s third highest mountain which is also known as “The Mountains of the Moon”.

This borders DR. Congo in the west and it was listed as the World Heritage Site hence rendering visitors with an opportunity of observing the nature at its best. Hikers to the peak pass through glacial lakes and varied valleys including rocks and cliffs associated with snow capes.

This offers a typical experience to the hikers with the beautiful valleys plus the bearded lichen hanging with backdrops of the rocky cliffs, passing through the different floras and fauna of the area creates the park being the most attractive area to trek.

This unique hike has never happened before and therefore it must not be missed during your safari to the Pearl of Africa hence making the best hiking safari in the world.

Visitors who pass through Bamwanjara in between camp 3 and 4 along the Kirembe route enjoy the stunning view of the various peaks on the mountain including Elena peak, great Tooth and Mt Stanley with its Savoia.

Mountain Speke has got an amazing ridge that takes you through to Weismann’s peak hence enabling you to see mountain Baker.

A view of the Finger like rock known as McConnell’s also helps you to see the huge valley between Mountain Stanley and Mt. Baker, those who are good at taking photos with their nice cameras for a great memory, this is the best place do so, here the trail will lead you to Kacholpe Lakes and camp 4 and you will then climb to camp 5at the height of 4460m.

This is the last hut that is next to Margherita Peak which is at an altitude of 5109m above the ground, ascending and descending the mountain may take 7-8 days and experience of using ropes and crampons maybe be vital. Contact Ugandan tour for this incredible adventure.

Mountain Kenya

Kenya Safari ToursMountain Kenya is the second tallest mountain in Africa raised at the heights of 5199meters, it’s also a World Heritage Site with several pristine wildernesses including tarn, dense forests, and lakes with a breath taking scenery.

The mountain is characterized with endangered species of animals, alpine vegetation and other zonal vegetation layers; it’s only wanted for its beautiful scenery suitable for hiking/climbing and its rugged glacial peaks provides a nice stunning backdrop.

Flying into Nairobi is the best way to reach this mountain for international visitors and this is where a guide from Nature Adventure Africa Safaris Limited will pick you to the hotel for a rest and the next day you will be taken to the northwest of Nairobi where the mountain is located approximately 200km by road. The mountain is designated in Mt Kenya National Park which is visited throughout the year.

The best time to hike this mountain is during, January to February and July to September therefore other period is a wet season, the park is generally hot due to the equatorial type of climate associated with the park.

The mountain has got a permanent snow on its peak due to its high-altitude heights, the park has got six gates and once the visitor is inside the park, seeing glaciers, lakes, mineral springs and the varied vegetation types is the order of the day.

Hiking is the best way of exploring the mountain and some peaks on the mountain requires both experienced and non experienced climbers, peaks such as Batian and Nelion needs some technical skills whereas Lelana can be climbed by un experienced.

The most of the routes used here include Sirimon, Naro Moru and Chogoria, each route has got its different characteristics and depending on the health status of the hikers, experienced guides will always find you the best route to use to reach the summit.

Visitors can also enjoy the available luxury lodges, budget and camping sites all within the park.

Nyiragongo Mountain in DR. Congo

DR Congo Hiking Tours

This is also another experience not to miss on a tour to Africa.

Nyiragongo Mountain is the most Africa’s left active strata Volcano found within the Virunga National Park in the DR. Congo.

The mountain is mostly loved due to its active activities through its crater at the top of it and its 11.385 feet high above the ground.

The main crater at the top is 2km wide and 250meters deep with a liquid lava pool though there are other older craters at the top.

All trekkers are required to do prior bookings with Nature Adventure Africa Safaris Limited for well preparations, trekking to the summit may take one day or two days depending on the visitors needs but an overnight stay might be the best since it enables you to see the activities of the active mountain as it turns the sky yellowish wish fumes.

All hikers are escorted by thee armed rangers who take them throughout the activity as they explain the various information regarding the mountain.

All visitors set off at Kibati Patrol Post at around 9am and hiking to the top may take6-7hours, the package goes at USD 300 per trekker including the shelter at the top where visitors spend an overnight.

The shelters have got beds where visitors lay their sleeping bags. A meal package can be obtained at Mikeno Lodge and the porters are always available at USD 24 per person per an overnight and they are only allowed to carry luggage of up to 15kgs.

Visitors are emphasized to come along with all the trekking gears since it is too cold at the summit.


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