lnsider’s Guide to Renting a 4×4 Rooftop tent Car in Uganda

4x4 Rooftop Tent Car

Exploring Uganda is one of the best adventures every tourist would wish to partake. It’s because this nation has no shortage of impressive allures.

To give a brief description about its location, Uganda geographically sits in the eastern region of the pretty African continent. Most people know it as the pearl of Africa. You can’t believe this not until you take a step to tour its amazing places.

You may choose to do a Safari or go on a self-drive road trip. A self-drive holiday while staying at lodges and hotels used to be the best way to travel, but right now there’s another cheap way that is more rewarding and mind-blowing.

It’s nothing else, rent a 4×4 Rooftop tent Car in Uganda and soak up its unending charms. If you desire to know more about this rental option, the detailed description below is for you.

A Rooftop Tent Car

This vehicle can be a Land cruiser TX, TZ, V8, VX, and GX provided with a tent installed at its top or roof plus the camping gear. Operators deliver it with a single or double rooftop tent depending on the number of passengers.

The tent is foldable and has radars that enable people to access the inside part of it. Each tent accommodates two people. There’s also a family tent that shelters four persons. This option is more convenient because it allows you to move to any place with your accommodation.

How to keep the Tent

Make sure to keep the sleeping bags inside the tent. In the morning when you are preparing for further driving, make sure to fold the tent and radars, cover and zip it perfectly such that dust and water can’t enter inside. Be careful when using the chairs such that you don’t break them.

The cost per day

The cost for rooftop tent car in Uganda depends on the car type and number of tents. A car with double roof tents appears to be more expensive than a car with single tent. The rate ranges between 80 – 140 USD per day without fuel and driver.

Don’t wait to reserve in advance especially in February, March, July, August, September, October, and December. During these months, there’s a wealth of travelers hence high demand for the cars. Other months such as April, May, June, and November, the number of tourists is a bit low. So, the cars are usually available.

What’s included?

On top of the tent, the vehicle is provided with a list of camping gear. It includes the sleeping bags, folding chairs, a table, camping lights, cooler box, cutlery, a Jerry can, torches, washing sponge, cooking gas, graters, sauce pans, chopping board and more. The refrigerator is available but at an extra cost.

Delivery & Pickup

You can receive the car at the Entebbe international Airport or hotel in Entebbe, Kampala, and other locations in Uganda. Delivery at the Airport, Entebbe town, and Kampala is free of charge. For other towns in Western, Eastern and Northern region, car delivery is at a cost.

Terms and Conditions

Car rental companies in Uganda have the rental terms and conditions. To be provided a car for self-drive, you must have to follow these rules. On delivery day, the operator will come with a hard copy of these terms. You have to read, understand and sign on it. Be sure to follow everything in the writing. Failure to do so can head you into penalties.

Age & Driving license

To drive in the pearl of Africa, you must be 25 years of age and above. Next on list is a valid driving license. Both local and international licenses are allowed. Even the driving license of your home country works provided it’s valid.

Your eyes should be in good condition. Moreover, follow the road signs and limit yourself from over speeding. Most roads especially highways have traffic officers who check for those violating the driving rules.


Waste no time. Book your jeep with a tent and see the hidden wonders of Uganda including the friendly locals. The experience is worth the time and money spent.


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