Best Car Rental Agency in Uganda


In most cases we want to travel as tourists or researchers to Uganda but what inhibits us is how we are to move from one place to another inform of transportation to execute our own duties. Due to the different interests we have whenever we travel, sometimes we travel for private issues and sometimes we also move just because we want to move with our friends. Since we do not go to Uganda with our own cars due to the temporally duration we spend in the country, we intend to hire from the service providers.

I had a mission to complete in Uganda which was to last for five days, because I was in my last year at the university and due to the fact that I was doing a masters degree, I had to do research from Uganda for my second year on the different wildlife but I had no car to use while in Uganda. This prompted me to visit several websites from where I got 4×4 Car Hire Uganda best service provider operating from Najjanankumbi along Entebbe road.

I got two options in this case, one was to hire a car for self drive, and the second option was to hire a car with a driver, since I was to do personal work I decided to hire a car for self drive. What is so interesting in this case is that, this company has a number of cars as displayed on the website and the choice is left to the client to choose his/her favorite car. These cars are hired depending on the number of people one wishes to move with.

Among the cars I observed from their website included, a coaster which is charged $190 per day, and Toyota Land Cruiser at $200 per day, Rav4 at $45 per day, and Prado’s $70 per day among others and all the prices excludes fuel and price negotiable depending on the rental period. We made arrangements on how well we could contact ourselves quickly on my arrival to Uganda and on reaching Uganda at the airport; I was given the car of my opinion since we had agreed to hire a Rav4. I signed favorable hiring terms and conditions with the company and on that very day, I paid for my five days which I was to be using the vehicle. I was given a receipt immediately and this proved me that I was dealing with the best car rental agency in Uganda.

What inspired me to coordinate with this company is all their cars are 4×4 wheel drive; this enabled me to travel safely since most of the Uganda roads are muddy during the rainy season and have no tarmac. Their car was in a very good condition since it registered no mechanical problems for all that period I used it; the car had air conditioner inside which I used during the hot temperatures around the places I moved to.

Besides that, the car was insured with all the requirements needed by safe drive Uganda which guaranteed me a safe drive throughout my destinations, all this can provide a reason to everybody who wishes to move to Uganda either on a self drive safari or on full drive safari to work with this company due to their entrusted services, friendly terms and the professional friendship they show to their clients. I used the car for five days and I moved to two national parks and these included, Lake Mburo and Kibale national parks both in the western region.


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