How to Hire a Car in Rwanda

4x4 Car Hire Rwanda

Self Drive Rentals in Rwanda – Hire A Car in Rwanda for Self Drive with 4×4 Car Hire Rwanda Services

Visiting Rwanda on your own is the cheapest way of saving some money in your pocket but it requires you to hire a Car for self driving or with a driver.

When it comes to renting a Car in Rwanda for self drive, 4×4 Car Hire Rwanda is a premium and approved Car rental company specializing in providing all modes of Safari jeeps at affordable prices.

These stable 4×4 wheel drive Safari jeeps include Land Cruiser Prado, Tx, Tz and V8, Rav4, Super Customs, Safari Vans, Toyota Nissan, Safari Cruiser extended and Coaster.

All land cruisers are characterized with top up roofs since there are mostly used for game drives.

Renting a Car in Rwanda with 4×4 Car Hire Rwanda for long term self drives starting from two weeks on wards an offer of 5% discount is guaranteed for you.

Usually travelers find difficulties in how to hire the 4×4 wheel drive Car but listed below are some of the steps followed when booking the Car for your self drive holidays in Rwanda’s top destinations.

Search for the best reviewed Car Rental Company.

Its better you first carry out a survey on which best rated and reviewed premium Car Rental Company to use for your self drive holidays in Rwanda.

This is usually done through inquiring from friends who have already used the Car rental company you may wish to use; friends may be from your home country, from Rwanda or other Countries.

Another option is posting all your reserved questions through different blog forums as you wait for replies but usually be very careful with the forum you are using because some of them are fake giving false answers since the internet society is also now characterized with pirates.

Inquire with 4×4 Car Hire Rwanda.

After developing a mind of visiting Rwanda on Self drive you will be required to inquire with 4×4 Car Hire Rwanda since its best rated about the rental. There website showcases different modes of Cars all 4×4 wheel drive for hire.

Consultants from 4×4 Car Hire Rwanda are always available online to answer all your questions regarding the Rental, itinerary suggestion, terms and conditions governing the rental, services offered, Cars available, prices of Cars and more.

Ask for terms and conditions.

It’s better before booking you first know about the terms and conditions governing the rental and see whether there are favoring you or not.

Usually these terms and conditions are provided in soft copy and hard copy, the soft copy is online via the website so its better you go through them before deciding.

Hard copy is provided on arrival or the day of Car delivery. You must sign indicating that you go by these terms and conditions governing the rental in Rwanda.

Confirm the booking.

After deciding on the Car to use its better you confirm your booking with 4×4 Car Hire Rwanda such that it’s reserved for you.

After booking the car you are required to send the flight details which include the airline, time of arrival and date if we are to deliver the Car to you at the airport, if not that inform 4×4 Car Hire Rwanda of the location where to deliver the Car.

Delivery and Payment.

All costs for the rental are usually paid on arrival or on the day of Car delivery, the Car is delivered to you wherever you are, if it’s at the airport you are required to send your flight details in time such that the driver can catch you up.

The flight details should include the airline used, time of arrival and date of arrival; if the Car is to be delivered at the lodges please provide its location and time of meeting such that the driver reaches you in time.

Please you as the person taking the Car for rental on delivery inspect it and see whether every thing is in good condition.

Also take photos of the car indicating its current state such that these photos can be used as reference on the day of delivering the Car back to avoid false charges.

In the terms and conditions some, its stated that any damages and scratches to Car call for extra payments, you will be required to pay all the costs for repair.

After approving the state of the Car to be good pay the costs for the rental and request for your receipt which indicate and confirm your payment. Please endeavor to keep this receipt safe with you until the end of the rental period.


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