Cangandala National Park

This is ranked among the Angola’s smallest National Park. It is located in Malanje province – north central Angola, the park seats on 600sq km and it’s crossed by Cuije River and the Cuaza rivers which provides permanent water to the wild animals within the park.

The park gained a national park status in 1970 after being transformed from a national game reserve.

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Cangandala National Park leaves plenty of time for sightseeing tours – that every visitor to the country wouldn’t miss out on top attractions like  Guinea Turaco, Pale billed hornbill, Finch’s Francolin, Anchieta barbet, red capped crombec, Angola Babbler, Souiza shrike, sharp tailed glossy starling, broad tailed Paradise and the Miombo Ti  for the birders. With an intension of enjoying the photography tours

And before you go or leave the park, one can’t miss seeing the park’s most occupying giant sable antelopes and other animals, this is done mostly by those on game drive activities but assurance is there of seeing these nice to see animals as they make lines of movements as they run to relocate to some other areas of food within the park