Iona National Park

This is the largest national park in Angola and its Iona is part of the northern Namib one of the strongest true desert in Africa. It faces the Atlantic Ocean for 180km on the edge of the currents of Benguela from the ocean, a cold up-welling from the depths of the Atlantic that creates a rich ecosystem off-shore and this renders the park ranking the best visited in the country. To the east, Iona rises to the base of the Great Escarpment at the Tchamaline and Cafema mountains.

Iona is engulfed in the north and south by the Cunene and Curoca Rivers, respectively. The climate is noteworthy for the heavy fogs created as the cold, wet air of the Benguela up-welling meets the hot, dry air of the desert. The place is characterised by the strong fog which has led to the wrecking of ship for over the last years. The coast is sometimes called Skeleton Coast after the bones of whales and seals that were seen on the beaches by sailors.

Game drives are some of the important activities that can be done from this park due to its fascinating wildlife. Iona national park is one of the best reserves to explore with Nature Adventure Africa Safaris Limited. The big five of the park includes the springbok (gazelle), Kudu, Ostrich and the rare Cheetah. Other animals of interest include the mountain zebras, impala, Klipspringer and the Quelengue.

Arco Oasis and its beautiful rock formations in Namib Desert, along with hot springs and cruise-worthy rivers, are also worth to be offered a visit by the aspiring visitors who would with to explore more about Iona national park from this desert place. Scenic tours are available from Nature Adventure Africa Safaris Limited, one of the best running tours Operator Company in Africa.

Kunene River Lodge, Epupa Falls Lodge, Kapika Waterfall Lodge and Okhahirongo River Camp are some of the accommodation facilities around the park.