Quicama National Park

This is one of the best parks in Angola with the day to day functioning programs compared to the rest of to the parks in the country. The park was also first established as a game reserve in1938. But later on it was turned into a national park by the Portuguese administration of the Overseas Province of Angola.

Despite of the civil wars that happened long ago that claimed the lives of the  elephants and Giant Sable antelopes that were the common animals within the park, the animal population was again increased due to the group that was formed in 2001 known as the Kissama Foundation, a group of Angolans and south Africa. They came up with an initiative known as the ‘Operation Noah’s Ark’ to transport animals, from Botswana and South Africa.

As they were claiming that these animals were overpopulating their parks in their home countries, Angola was a true destination to transport them. Noah’s Ark was the largest animal transplant of its kind in the history of transplanting animals and has given the park momentum and its one of the most visited parks in Angola. Some of the wild animals that can be seen here include the giraffes, herds of elephants

Visitors who commute at Kissama Lodge can get an amazing experience due to the monkeys that play around the lodge in the ground and trees. These are so exciting and so nice to see due the comedy they play most especially when they see a person having something to eat, female ones move with their  youngsters and babies  though they are too wild, they look quite used to humans.

Kissama has got beautiful wildlife and its natural resources that are nice to see. The Kwanza River and the abnormal quantity of Baobab trees mixed with huge cactus and other many plants and grass make the luxurious scenery a nice one to visit. The park becomes a nice one to visit after the rainy season since after the rains its left totally green.

Other parks that can’t be missed while on a trip to Angola includes the Longa-Mavinga, Luenge, Luiana and Mucusso national park