Korup National Park

Korup National Park is located in the south western province of Cameroon and it covers 1,260 km2 of mostly with primary forest. The park is located in the reputedly Africa’s oldest tropical forest. It is the most accessible rainforest national park in Cameroon. The park is 50 km inland from the Bight of Biafra and 20 km from mangrove swamps of the Rio Del Rey estuary.

The forest of Korup is said to be among the ancient survived forest within in Cameroon and it’s crossed by Mayombe Refugium River. The forests have got different flowering intervals depending on the tree season.

Bird watching and primate is among the most activities done from here and a number of bird species reside around the park including the Drill, Red eared Guenon, Preuss’s red colobus plus the Nigeria Chimpanzees all found here. The mammal species amounts to over 161 within 33 families.