Lobeke National Park

This is also named as Lake Lobeke National Park, it’s found in the south-eastern Cameroon around the Moloundou Arrondissement of East province, and it is bounded on the east by Sangha River forming international boundaries between Cameroon and the Central African Republic plus the Republic of Congo.

Flora and fauna

The park is mostly covered by ever green forest with enormous plant species including the Triplochiton, Ebenaceae, Annona ceae trees, and the Terminalia superb plus over 300 species of trees found here around the streams of the park.

African elephants and the western lowland gorillas are said to be found here with the greatest number and other animals that can be enjoyed here at the park includes some primates such as chimpanzees, gorillas, leopards plus over 215 butterfly species and around 16 amphibians. Birds such as Green pigeon, Rhinoceros birds, Chest nut King Fisher among other can all be enjoyed from here.