Nki National Park

This is also located in the south east of Cameroon and under the eastern province, the park is also known as “the Last true wilderness” due to its remoteness and it’s beyond the rural area. The closest cities to the park include the Yokadouma, Moloundou and Lomie. The park is largely hilly in its terrain at an elevation of 350-650m; it falls within the Sangha eco-region.

The park has got the highest number of Forest elephants better than any other park in Africa with roughly 2.5km² densities of Nki plus the neighbouring Boumba National Park with an approximation of 5000 forest elephants. The park has also got a number of different wild animals such as the sitatunga, forest antelopes, bushbucks, forest hogs, leopard, bush pigs, bongos plus the most liked funny chimpanzees which are good for tracking.

For those who are enthusiastic with gorilla trekking, this may be an opportunity for all since they are also reported to be available in abundance. The park is said to have got over 6000 adult gorillas. Trekkers are accompanied by the rangers from the park. Also in the park is the most threatened crested monkey, De Brazza monkey, and the Black colobus that stay around Dja River.

Birders also enjoy from the variety of over 265 including the yellow bellied forest robin, scrub warblers, Rhynchospora marsh, forest nightjar plus the Bate and brown nightjars, small owls, African barred owlets, can be seen around Nki national park hence forming the beauty of the park due to the persuasive voices of birds that are heard from the different directions of the park. These voices are stress healing tablets to the most visitors who always prefer hiding away from stress and worries.