Akanda National Park

This park was set up as one of the 13th National Parks in Gabon and it was established in 2002 by President Omar Bongo. The park was designed to represent its biodiversity and encourage tourism in the country. Its located in the city of Libreville and it covers a total land area of 540km², this is an internationally recognized park because of its migratory birds with some resident birds around the park.

The Bantu speaking tribe “Myene” are the main occupants of the forest of Mondah which is found in the park and they have got different varying myths and legends on the forest. These includes the forest being used for initiations in African rites, also the place is believed to be inhabited by genies whose powers are fed by constant sacrifices.

Some of the sightseeing in Akanda

The park has got a number of fascinating landscape of mangroves, beaches, flooded forests and the savannah grass land which is totally occupied by wild elephants, birds among which includes the Loango Carmelite, the Mouse-Brown Sun Bird; the Blue-Spotted Wood-Dove, the Gabon Boubou and the Cuckoo Shrike plus the Leatherback Trove which attracts a number of tourist into the place.

Akanda is one of the best places for fishing and this has attracted many tourists to do water sports, whale and dolphin watching. The national park is also a home to the endangered species including the White-Collared Mangabey and endemic birds like the Yellow-Breasted Apalis and the Swamp Boubou.