Crystal Mountains National Park

The Crystal Mountains National Park is one of the Gabon’s national parks which are located in the renowned rocky crystal mountain range that ranges from Equatorial Guinea to the valleys on River Ogooue. The park is a 2-3-hour drive from Libreville and it’s full of a number of trees, orchids, lichens, gallery forests and begonias. On top of the forest canopy is the shield of mist which forms part of the fascinating features attracting many visitors.


The park is occupied by a variety of animals including the black colobus monkey, forest buffalo, Mandrill, chimpanzees, forest elephants, leopard and western lowland gorillas and these are the major attracting wildlife within the park. The park is also estimated to have over 48 species of reptiles.

One cannot leave the park minus taking a visit to a hydro-electricity dam at Tichimbele which is located on the reservoirs of Kinguele and Tichimbele on Mbe River. At this point, many visitors take up accommodation facilities most especially to those schools and institutions doing research on the different species of plants in the botanical garden of the park.