Congo Gorilla, Nyiragongo Trek and Safaris in Kenya

DR Congo Hiking Tours

Congo Gorilla Trek – Nyiragongo Hike Tours will take you the Virunga National Park and encounter the gorilla trekking safaris and tours in Congo and experience the Nyiragongo Volcano Hiking Tours! Upon arrival at the Kigali International Airport, meet our safari guide and thereafter transfer to Gisenyi and cross to Democratic Republic of Congo, via the Goma border. Meet with Virunga driver and transfer you to Rumangabo and check in at Mikeno Lodge waiting for dinner and overnight stay. Meal plan: H/B

Gorilla trekking in the D.R.C involves hiking deep into the mountain jungles to observe a gorilla family in the wild. Visitors will be led by guides and national park rangers who keep records of the gorillas for conservation purposes and help protect them from poachers. They can determine the general area where a gorilla family will be and are skilled in tracking them.

Your gorilla trekking adventure in the D.R.C will begin early in the morning and you will be driven up to the gorilla trekking starting point at Bukima – a ranger’s station in the mountains of the Virunga National Park, outside the city of Goma. The small agrarian villages you’ll pass, and the people who run to the road to wave at you, will give you a glimpse of a different way of life. The length of the trek is entirely dependent on the gorillas — sometimes the guides can track them down in less than two hours, other times it takes much longer.

Mountain gorillas are nomadic, traveling the jungle in families and staying in an area just long enough to clear it of food. They also don’t follow a clear path, and you’ll realize when tracking them that they like to meander. On your first sighting, you may see mothers holding their babies, juvenile gorillas playing, or dominant silver backs keeping an eye out for their family!

On the next day, take on a 30 km transfer drive from your Mikeno lodge to Kibati Patrol post in Nyiragongo Volcano. The hike trail head and park rangers will lead you and your porters on a hike to the top of Nyiragongo Volcanoes. Nyiragongo Volcano hike will take one about 4-6 hours till you reach the peak of the world’s loveliest volcano. The way to the summit of the Volcano is somewhat easy but a bit tiring, often hot and in an uncomfortable state. Along the journey, you may enjoy the views and sights of rare bird and undersized mammal groups. On reaching the peak, you will enjoy the view of the lakes of boiling lava and get to relax at the peak of the volcano. The night time will be spent in the tents on the edge of the huge crater, elevated above the dynamic lava lake.

Descend and transfer to Kenya. Kenya was one of the original safari destinations, and with good reason. The country is home to an astounding 25,000 different animal species, including all of the iconic safari fauna—lions, giraffes, elephants and zebras among them.

No wildlife event on the planet rivals East Africa’s Great Migration for sheer drama. Each year, the enormous herds of wildebeest and zebra, 2 million strong, make a great circuit across the Serengeti Plains as they travel from Tanzania into Kenya’s famed Masaai Mara and back, following the new grass that sprouts with the seasonal rains.

A host of predators follows in stealthy pursuit. To witness the migration in the Mara is on many a safari aficionado’s bucket list, and our private luxury mobile camp places you in the heart of the action. There’s simply no nature adventure on Earth to match it! Back at camp each night, sip sun downers before sumptuous dinners and exchange stories around the crackling campfire under a sky full of glittering stars.

Kenya has long been Africa’s most storied safari destination. Known for its legendary wildlife and evocative landscapes, Kenya offers the photographer countless opportunities to capture iconic images of Africa: Graceful giraffes browsing in acacia trees. Elephants traversing the savannah. Stealthy lions stalking gazelle.

Proud Masaai bedecked in ceremonial bead work. And, perhaps most notably, the Great Migration, a chance to photograph hundreds of thousands of wildebeest and zebra thundering across the plains, with predators in pursuit. Concentrating on private reserves, we avoid the more heavily visited parks, guaranteeing an authentic safari experience reminiscent of Kenya in days gone by. Our small groups and intimate luxury camps ensure personal attention, exceptional comfort and a safari in which wildlife truly takes centre stage.

While Kenya is duly famed as one of Africa’s most popular safari destinations, the small camps we have selected for this private custom adventure, and the route we have designed, take you far from crowds—except crowds of animals! On this “Kenya less traveled” safari, explore remote sectors of the bush on day and night drives and guided walks in exclusive private reserves. Stay in rustic luxury at intimate tented camps situated where wildlife viewing is best. From Kenya’s vast plains to its snow-capped mountain summits, there’s no more striking backdrop for Africa’s most classic safari adventure.


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