Congo Gorilla Trekking Safari


Gorilla trekking is one of the best activities that travelers enjoy to partake while in Africa.

DR Congo is amongst the top countries where tourists go for remarkable Gorilla trekking expeditions.

The country is the only one in the world that house both the rare endangered mountain gorillas and the Eastern Lowland gorillas.

Mountain gorillas are rarely seen all over the world and can only be seen in three countries Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Congo is located in the central sub-Saharan Africa, bordering Uganda and Rwanda in the east (East Africa).

Gorilla trekking in Congo is the most affordable one as compared to the other gorilla trekking countries and thus travelers who would like to trek gorillas at a lesser price should opt for Congo.

For a gorilla trekker to go for the activity in Congo should buy a Congo gorilla permit which costs US$ 400, a lesser price than that of Uganda which costs US$ 700 and for Rwanda which also costs US$ 1500.

The permit can be booked for you in advance before going to Congo for the activity if at all you contact one of the best reliable local tour agencies such as Eco Tours Congo and others.

Through your desired tour agency, you will get your permit reserved for you by the agency before boarding a plane to Congo for the activity.

When you contact any of the above or your desired tour agency, it will be in place to offer you with all what is needed for you to get an exceptional gorilla trekking safari in Congo.

The agency will do most of your bookings such as gorilla permit bookings, tourist visa, hotel reservation, airport pickups and transportation and many others.

The agency will provide you with the exact and appropriate vehicle of your choice that you will be using for transportation to and from the park.

If you don’t know how to drive or if the driving permit is invalid, the agency will also provide you with an experienced and expert driver-guide, who will drive you safely as he narrates to you some interesting stories about Congo.

Guests will enjoy the game drives in the Park only if they have their own hired vehicle and thus having a chance to view many other things in the Park besides the gorillas.

Mountain gorillas in Congo can only be found and trekked from the Virunga National Park, which is the oldest national park in Africa. The Park is situated in the Albertine Rift Valley, in the eastern part of Democratic Republic of Congo.

The northern sector of Virunga National Park is contiguous with Uganda’s Semliki and Rwenzori Mountains National Parks, and the central sector with Queen Elizabeth National Park (popularly for inhabiting the amazing tree climbing lions).

The southern sector borders Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park, which is also home to the mountain gorillas.

Gorilla trekking in Virunga National Park is done in groups of eight individuals per excursion.

Before going in for the activity, adventurers are first briefed at the park’s headquarters on how best to trek these endangered primates and trekkers will also be guided on how to behave when they find the gorillas.

There are also some rules to follow while trekking the primates and will all be told to the trekkers during the briefing, which takes place in the morning before starting the activity.

However, travelers should be reminded that it is strictly one hour that they will spend with the gorillas and are always emphasized to keep a maximum distance of at least 8 meters away from the primates while viewing them.

In Virunga national people, trekkers will not only enjoy the amazing behaviors of the rare endangered mountain gorillas but will also enjoy many other things from there such as; hiking Mountain Nyiragongo, which resides the bubbling lava lake at its summits.

Guests will also enjoy stunning views over one of Africa’s most active volcanoes (Nyamuragira), which has erupted over 40 times since 1885.

Travelers will also view many other animals in the Park which include; chimpanzees, hippos, golden monkeys, African bush monkeys, Okapis, African buffaloes, common warthogs, duikers, and many others.

After gorilla trekking the mountain gorillas in Virunga national park, gorilla trekkers can also go to Kahuzi Biega National Park which is also found in the eastern parts of Congo for tracking the eastern lowland gorillas. The cost of a lowland gorilla permit remains the same as that for the mountain gorillas.

Therefore, Congo is the perfect destination for all gorilla lovers because they will be able to trek both mountain gorillas and eastern lowland gorillas thus achieving a great experience from their gorilla safari and of course a memorable/unforgettable safari in Congo.

Both Parks have fantastic luxury, mid-range and budget accommodations for guests to stay in during their time in any of the parks.


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