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Safaris in Congo

The Democratic republic of Congo is known as one of the three countries world-wide that host the endangered mountain gorillas. The other two countries include Uganda and Rwanda.

With no doubt, gorilla trekking is the leading safari activity that travelers enjoy in the DR Congo. It attracts a huge number of foreigners world-wide who jet into the country to have a memorable experience with the gorillas in their national habitat.

Gorillas are known as the second great relative to human which shares almost 98% of human DNA make-up.

Mountain gorillas are among the four sub-species of gorilla’s others include the cross river gorillas, low and gorillas and the eastern low land gorillas which also live in the democratic republic of Congo.

Among the four sub-species of gorillas, mountain gorillas are known as the most endangered species only about 900 mountain gorillas are believed to be left in the world, Congo houses almost a half of these remaining apes and they live in the Virunga National Park.

In the past 5years Congo was very difficult to visit due to political instabilities in the country, however, the country is now considered safe and it can be visited safely and gorilla tracking is done daily in the country.

All Gorilla Safaris in Congo begin either from Kigali Rwanda or Uganda. There are few direct flight to Congo. So if you need a DR Congo trip you will fly to Kigali international airport, where you continue from to the northern part of Rwanda, Rwanda/Congo border (Bukavu).

From here, you will be handled to the Virunga national park guides/driver who will drive you to Goma town and later to Virunga national park the hub to over 350 mountain gorillas.

Congo gorillas are habituated to human standards and they can be visited safely with well harmed ranger guides.

Democratic Republic of Congo have gained a competitive advantage when it comes to gorilla tracking many factors supports this including,

It offers cheap gorilla permits: for budget travelers especially for gorilla tracking in Democratic Republic of Congo is the best place to go gorilla trekking.

Among other two gorilla tracking destinations, Democratic Republic of Congo offers the lowest gorilla permits at only $400 you have the chance to purchase the Congo permit.

To compare with Rwanda’s $1500 gorilla permit and $700 Uganda gorilla permit why not booking tracking in the democratic republic of Congo. You can use the reserved money for doing other safari activities or shop around while on your gorilla tour.

However, Democratic Republic of Congo gorilla permit are on high demand, gorilla permits are sold on first come first serve basis, so you are advised to book the gorilla permits in time to avoid late booking of the gorilla permits which is most of time disappointing.

You can book the Congo gorilla permit through a trusted tour and travel company/ agency since they have easy access of the gorilla permit than an individual.

Democratic Republic of Congo offers discounted gorilla permits: the democratic republic of Congo is the only gorilla tracking destination that offers discounted gorilla permits.

During the months of March, July and November Democratic Republic of Congo gorilla permits are sold at a discounted rate of 200$ including park entrance and ranger guide fee.

This is done to enable budget travelers to have a chance to see the gorillas in their natural habitat.

Even lodges/hotels have reduced prices on their facilities. Uganda also had discounted gorilla permits but this offer ended in 2017.

So, if you want to save on your gorilla safari, tracking the gorillas in Democratic Republic of Congo is a very good option, you will have a lifetime cheap gorilla tracking experience.

Chances of sighting Congo gorillas are very high: like in other gorilla tracking destinations such as Uganda and Rwanda, sighting the Congo gorillas is also a guarantee.

The Virunga national park has 7 habituated gorilla families which offer chance for great gorilla tracking experience.

The Virunga national park offers over 96% chances of sighting so once you visit Democratic Republic of Congo you assured of seeing the gorillas in their national habitat.

Not like in Uganda and Rwanda where 8 people are allowed to meet the gorillas, for Democratic Republic of Congo only 5 people are allowed to meet the gorillas, this is done to conservation purpose and to make gorillas feel not threatened, and once the gorillas are met, you are only allowed one hour with the gorillas while learning as well as taking as many photos and videos with them.

You have a chance to experience 2 countries in one: it should be noted that most of gorilla safaris to Democratic Republic of Congo begins in Rwanda at Kigali international airport, this means that as a must you have to pass through Rwanda to Democratic Republic of Congo so in the transit, you can have a chance to see/visit Rwanda’s potentials including rolling hills and beautiful scenery, tour the Kigali city and visit the national museum, Kigali genocide, cultural site or visit the twin lakes of Bulera and Ruhondo. So, this is one of the reasons why tracking in the gorilla of Democratic Republic of Congo.

Chance to track the low-land gorillas: the democratic republic of Congo is among the few countries that inhabit the rare low land gorillas, so a gorilla safari to Democratic Republic of Congo gives one another chance to track the low land gorillas in the Kahuzi Beige National Park. Like mountain gorillas, low land gorilla tracking is also an interesting safari activity one should not love to miss. So, this can only be possible if one chose tracking in the democratic republic of Congo.

Very safe for gorilla tracking: like I mentioned above, DRC is now considered as a safe country for gorilla tracking, so the country offers one a great chance to meet the gorillas in their natural habitat. Mountain gorillas are protected by well harmed ranger guides who monitor these animals 24/7.

The animals can be met safely in their natural habitat without any harm caused to human. Right from the airport, you will be guide by well experienced ranger guide up to the park. The animals are habituated to human standard and they cannot cause any harm to human.

Everyone is concerned to your security including the guide/driver, the tour and travel company organizing your safari, the government, the hotel/lodges and any stake holder in the tourism industry among many others.

So, with all that be assured of safe gorilla DRC gorilla tracking experience. If you are interested in visiting DRC just book instantly with Safaris in Congo.


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