Senkwekwe Gorilla Orphanage

The Senkwekwe Center, located at park headquarters in Rumangabo, is the only facility in the the world that cares for orphan mountain gorilla. Each of the four gorillas living at the center was victimized by poachers or animal traffickers, and likely witnessed family members being murdered. Thanks to the financial support of individuals around the world – and the loving care provided by their human caregivers – the orphans now lead happy and secure lives in their forested enclosure. The orphans also receive veterinary care from the Gorilla Doctors, arguably the most skilled and experienced gorilla veterinarians in the world.

Visiting the center is so amazing experiencing the gorilla conservation work done at the place. On your visit to the Virunga National Park taking gorilla trek, chimpanzee habituation and Nyiragongo Hiking stay at the Mikeno Lodge and you will visit the gorilla sanctuary free of charge. If are interested in volunteering with the center you can make early booking with the park and you will directly get involved in the conservation programs at the Senkwekwe.