Species Living Under a Threat of Extinction in Africa


A number of species like Tasmanian tiger, Javan tiger, quagga, and Baiji River dolphins have recently become extinct and the reason for their extinction is none other than us human.

Whether it was due to excessive hunting, poaching, agricultural encroachment, habitat loss, pollution or illegal pet trade humans have played a direct role in the extinction of these animals.

Humans as a species have understood that each of the species on the planet has a unique importance and extinction of any one of these can cause a disturbance in biodiversity of the planet. African Elephants are exceptionally smart creatures that live in herds that comprise of a tight matriarchal family with female herd leaders. It has been a victim of hunting, poaching, and habitat loss from almost three centuries now and has been classified as vulnerable.

A lot of efforts for its conservation are being made and about 20% of its habitat area has been put under formal protection. Check out this infographic put together by Tusk Photo know more about various African species that are currently in danger of extinction and might become extinct in the next decade if efforts are not made to save them.



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