Uganda Wildlife Education Center

The Entebbe Wildlife Sanctuary is a lovely sanctuary found in Uganda. It was established in 1951. This site is 51 square kilometers. The wildlife sanctuary specializing in conservation education, wildlife rescues and rehabilitation, and captive breeding of endangered wildlife species and also is a fun and exciting place to see and learn about the animals of Uganda and the ecosystems in which they live. Take some time to learn how they live, eat, play, and talk.

It’s the only place where you have chance and access to interact with several animal species through one of the on-site programs called behind the scenes, and keeper of the day were you have chance to feed, groom and relate with the animals with a well-trained animal keeper at the centre. Keep it up UWEC zoo. We love you.

It is also a place where u learn the value of what wildlife holds. Explore deeper and know much more than what just a mere textbook can provide. Indeed the best place to learn and the best people to work with.