Kundelungu National Park

Kundelungu National Park also totals up as a national park within the Democratic Republic of the Congo, it’s located in Katanga Province and it was established in 1970. The national park covers an approximation of 7,600km², it’s 180km drive from Lubumbashi northwest on the plateau which gave birth to the park name. The park is connecting to L’Upemba national park via a corridor which facilitates animal movements to and fro. The park is made up of two zones including the Annex zone.

The park’s eco system is full of grassy savannah and some of the noted wildlife around the park includes the antelopes, jackals, servals, porcupines, warthogs, snakes, monkeys, buffalos, Hippopotamuses, crocodiles plus lions, cheetahs, leopards and zebras among others. Anyway the splendid landscape alone is worth the detour by most of the nature lovers and the geologists

The falls of the Lofoi

If you are interested to see the highest waterfalls in Africa, a visit to this park is worth it, the waterfall is 384 meters in a single jet hence being more impressive in the rainy season, the place has got other majestic falls including the falls of Masansa meaning “shower” and those of Lutshipuka meaning “swimming pool”, at this point visitors who have had a hard hike can decide to take up a bath to relieve the stress.

Visiting the park

Visitors are encouraged to hire 4 × 4 vehicles to be used while in the park. Most of those who enjoy camping can take up a camping at night on the top of the falls for with a view of observing  and in this case, armed guards are provided to the visitors hence making the park a best place to visit in one’s free time.

Accommodation in the park, there are good lodges but there is no electricity of course within the park and visitors are encouraged to work with their tour operators and guides such that they carry all the equipments including food and water plus sleeping bag.