Beaches in Kenya

Kenya is an incredible country in east Africa with a great number of beaches with a nice scenic view suitable for water sports and seclusion with a breathtaking environment.

Kilifi beach, this is located few kilometers from Mombasa, this is a small coastal resort with a great number of historical events, the beach is characterized by a sandy coastline with greenery borders. While at the beach, you will enjoy the blue waters from the Indian Ocean, you will also enjoy riding yourself in the Kenyan traditional boats known as dhows. Enjoy an incredible sea food prepared by the various restaurant at the coast, cheap foods are served to the visitors and this will enable you to enjoy a good cocktail prepared here known as Dawas mixed with local sugarcane juicy.

Bamburi beach, Bamburi beach is located in the north at the coast of Mombasa and it is one of the best destination point for tourists while in Kenya, this will offer you an opportunity of enjoy the sunset and sunrise while experiencing the cool windy environment at the coast. On top of enjoying the waters, an additional view of coral reefs hence being a suitable place to those who wish to do snorkeling and diving. The beach is fed up with a number of hotels that enables you stay around the beach for over the days, camels are also available at the beach on hire hence an opportunity for you to ride on the back of the camel at the good sand of Bamburi Beach.

Nyali Beach, the beach is located a few minutes away from Mombasa port and therefore it is close to the city, this makes it a better place for day trips for the visitors within the country. Beach holidays can be truly performed here and the fact is the beach is not always crowded hence offering a better place to spend your honey moons and parties. Surfing can also be done from this beach and a better place for relaxing with a great number of hotels both local and international catering both local and international visitors.

Shanzu beach, this best beach is found at Mombasa-Malindi highway and it is a better place to enjoy clean and fresh waters, this beach is too interesting since it has got beautiful sands with some dotted palm trees that provide shade to the swimming tourists. The beach has got a well-established accommodation facilities that suit your needs, don’t miss to walk along the low tide at the coast which extends for miles, there are both low and high tides that will enable you enjoy the beach.

Tiwi Beach, this is located at the south coast and the beach can be accessed by a ferry which is got from Mombasa, before even enjoy the beach, the means of transport to the beach will make you feel at home as it’s an interesting means of transport to the beach. The beach is small and therefore it is not a crowded beach which makes it a better beach for those who wish to stay away from stress and have a great pleasure within an environment which is conducive. The beach boosts a plenty of recreation option with some small tidal pools where fish is caught.

Malindi, Malindi is another interesting place to visit within Kenya due to its historical archives, this is where Vasco de Gama an explorer landed on his first time to Africa, a combination of this makes it today one of the best beach destinations in Kenya with a nice climate and the different hotels along the coast. A lot of activities can be performed here including windsurfing, deep-sea-fishing and snorkeling on the coral reefs.

Watamu Beach, this is a great charming village on the Kenya coastline  and it is well known for its pristine white sand, this is controlled by Watamu national park and it is one of the best places to do snorkeling,  and scuba diving  with all kinds of underwater life  along the coral reefs , the beach also boosts various hotels and restaurants allowing you to spend your holiday at the beach throughout day and night hours. Going out for a few minutes here renders you a good experience while in Kenya.

Diani Beach, this is the most visited beach in Kenya and it is the best working beach receiving a great number of visitors throughout the year after their wildlife tours in Kenya, the beach is located south of Tiwi beach. The beach is easily accessible and with a good development in terms of social amenities and it is characterized by a nice to see coral reef with plenty of shade provided by the coconut palm trees hence being a better place to visit for all beach activities with an abundance of beachfront resorts.