Mount Elgon National Park

Mt. Elgon is a huge dormant volcano on the Kenya-Uganda border. Its highest peak in Kenya is Koitoboss at 4,155 m. The park covers 190km² of land and it is 420 km from Nairobi, it can be accessed from a tarmac road to Kitale up to Chorlim Gate. Elgon is a Maasai word, “ol doinyo ilgoon” meaning “mountain shaped like human breast.” The park’s history is embedded in the lifestyles and culture of the native community.

The park has got a number of unique caves which are traditionally preferred by the Sabot community as their ceremonial ground and cattle salts lick areas, these are around the park and they give visitors all the information regarding the area with other unique areas taken as a sacred worship centre for their gods.

Salt mining elephants, these are found in the Kitum Cave which was developed by the volcanic solution rocks, these salty rocks attract a number of wild games into the area. Most visiting animals include the elephants which uses their tusks to dig deep into the cave in search for the rock pieces which they swallow. These elephants have done a great work in enlarging this cave for over the years and up to now, they are still taking their actions in the area hence making it worth an area to be visited.

Hiking and biking another activity performed here at mountain Elgon national park, these are done under the guidance of the park rangers and in the process, visitors enjoy mob wilderness via the forests including interacting with the local people around the park throughout the whole hike and biking process.

Mountaineering, mountain Elgon is referred to as the eight highest mountains in Africa, many visitors enjoy climbing this mountain over the rocks and the rugged terrains, and this gives a spectacular view of the various animals around the park plus a vast bird species with vibrant and soft voices that reduces the stress of the climbers. All this offers a reason as to why its preferred by the majority.