Belezma National Park

The Belezma National Park is located around 25 kilometres north-west of the town of Batna though in the North East Region of Algeria. The park is also found in the mountainous regions of the Belezma, the park covers an area of more than 262km² and has a climate ranging from cool sub-humid to dry semi-arid. The park also is a habitat for more than 300 resident species of wildlife plus 440 species of flora, many of which are endemic to the area.

Though the park has got a number of animals, it’s thus noted that 59 species are endangered. These include the Cuvier’s Gazelle and the Dorcas Gazelle, both of which had the greatest number in the wild. Atlas Barbary Sheep, a species of goat-antelope, can also be seen around the park in their process of looking for food and water in seemingly inaccessible places that other grazing animals cannot reach.

Another endangered resident of the Belezma National Park is the Serval – a slender, long-legged feline with dark spotted, tawny colored fur. Although these attractive medium-sized wild cats are masters of camouflage, visitors also get a chance to explore the savannah. While spotting one of the endangered inhabitants of the park is a thrilling prospect, with the stunning scenery and so many interesting birds and other animals to see, a visit to Algeria’s Belezma National Park is always a richly rewarding experience that every visitor goes away wondering the nice explanations from the guides and the value for their money.