El Kala National Park

Algeria being one of the greatest countries with a number of national parks, one of the most diverse and beautiful parks here is known as the El Kala National Park. This is found in a very vulnerable position. The park was recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve in 1990, due to its extreme abundance unique ecosystem.

This National Park is famous for its variety of ecosystems that consists of an marine ecosystem, breath taking mountains, dense woodlands, picturesque forests and the various lakes. The park is a habitat for an approximately 87000 animals and birds with many on the endangered list within the country.

The park is also used by researchers for purposes of research forests, water birds and dragonflies. Guided tours are also conducted within the park with hopes to create more public awareness. The park also receives n approximation of thirty thousand visitors who enjoy the park’s diversity annually.

Bird watchers also enjoy the park too due to the great number of bird watching towers. Younger visitors also enjoy touring the mini-zoo and Eco-museum. Therefore these facilities plus the biodiversity of the park has brought in an increase of foreign visitors to the park and you should also be among them too by making arrangements with Nature Adventure Africa Safaris Limited.

Visitors to Algeria should take advantage of the chance  to explore this magnificent national park, as the El Kara National park is truly a natural wonder and worthy adventurous to the nature and biodiversity lovers.