Taza National Park

This park was named after Taza which is the nearest town around, it has got a total area is 3,807 hectares hence rendering it to be among the smallest national park in Algeria; the park includes parts of the forested area of the Guerrouch Massif. The lower parts of the park are relatively warm and dry, while the peaks may have a covering of snow in winter. The annual mean temperature is around 18°C around the park. This park was established in 1923 with an aim of protecting the coastline.

The park is located in the Jijel Province which is 60km to the east of Bejaia. Even though it does not cover a large area, the Taza National Park is still a diverse park with varied ecosystems and wonderful wildlife for visitors to enjoy. It was even recognized as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO, reaffirming the uniqueness of this spectacular national park.

The park has got the largest cork oaks and gall oaks which is located 30km north east of Jijel, other features located in the park includes the cave of Jijel, sand beaches and a number of cliffs, beautiful woodlands and breathtaking cliffs. The park also consists of the most endangered animal species which is the Barbary ape. For those who enjoy bird watching can also enjoy bird species with the rarely seen Sitta ledanti with over 350 individuals.

It actually houses Algeria’s first ever underwater trail, which is managed by 18 professionally trained individuals. A partnership between a local diving club and the Taza was signed in ensuring scientific management and monitoring of the famous underwater trail.