Wadi Degla Protectorate

Wadi Degla area is located in Cairo governorate and it was declared a protectorate in the year 1999. The area covers a land area of 60km². To reach the protected area from Cairo it’s approximately just 10 km. The protectorate goes through the limestone terrain and then crosses through a deep winding canyon. It’s from this park where visitors can find a number of fossils in the rock formations and scattered patches of petrified wood.

Despite of the fact that the park is dominated with historical monuments, the park has also got some animal species which include Dorcas Gazelle, Gazelle Dorcas, and Nubian Ibex, Capra nubiana. Some Lesser Mouse-tailed Bats, Rhinopoma hardwickii, live in the caves in the wadi sides. This offer a reason as to why Egypt is one of the best tourist places to be visited in partnership with Nature Adventure Africa safaris limited.

The protectorate is a very popular destination for tourists who are looking for a breath taking place and to those who wish to get away from the stresses of daily life.

Birdwatchers the place is ideal to many bird lovers and. Apparently, Wadi Degla is a home to various species of birds, reptiles and bats, and the protectorate has also got many fossils from times past when the valley was covered with water.

Hiking and nature walks, the park has got trail network, this trail is 10.5 km and it’s considered to be one of the easiest and it starts at the wadi gate. The terrain is said to be with light sand and gravel with rough sections and thick sand present occasionally but there is not much difficulty for beginners as well.