Talassemtane National Park

This park is located within the regions of Rif which is in the north of Morocco   and it was primarily conserved to preserve the only left fir forest within the country, the park is a wonderful one for the people who enjoy the wilderness.

The park is located in between Rif Mountains and its one of the inspiring destinations for visitors who enjoy eco-travel and adventure tourism.

What to See and Do

Visitors can engage in day treks which all starts from Chefchaouen commonly known as the blue city. This offers the most beautiful sights for the overwhelming nature of Morocco.  Trekking can be both half or full day but an overnight camping would be ideal for more stunning enjoyment of the region within the park.  Hike to the Ghmara cliffs, or along to Pont de Dieu.

Waterfall connecting to the Ras Maa River plus the Toughoubit grotto in Chafrate.  A number of animals roam at the hillsides including the eagles, lynx and otters. Take on a tour to the God’s Bridge which is preferred and considered as the most important sightseeing within Talassemtane National Park and this offer a stunning view of the northern Morocco.