Bou – Hedma National Park

The National Park is located 85 km east of Gafsa along the southern Tunisian mountain ranges.  The park is considered because of its ecological interest. Bou-Hedma National Park is endowed with the massive flora and fauna. It is the best site for an overview of the biological diversity of the Maghreb region.

The park is characterised by the endangered animal species comprise the addax antelope, Strathy Camels austral is and Gazelle dama, Gazelle dama Mohr, Addax and Oryx and these are among the mammals within the park. Larger mammals which can be seen here also include the Dorcas gazelle and Barbary sheep. It’s in this park where we find the jackal, porcupine, striped hyena, the Gouda, the jerboa, and the massive bats. All these offers a reason as to why one should enjoy the park’s animals.

For bird lovers, the park has got two species of the ostrich which includes the North African ostrich and the South African ostrich. Numidia guinea fowl was also brought to the park including some raptors such as Borelli’s eagle, golden eagle, the booted eagle, peregrine falcon, the Kestrel, Lanner falcon, the buzzard, the little owl and barn owl. One cannot leave the park minus having a look at some Reptiles including  monitor lizards of the desert, cobra, the horned viper and snakes just to mention but a few.

The park is endowed with its cultural heritage with archaeological heritage  sites  of the ancient roman settlements that occupied the area including the  ancient remains of roman villages, the  roman bridge of Wadi Bautista, that were preserved well plus  the ancient roman pools . There are also Neolithic remains of funerary elements and some rock paintings including Berber caves around the park.