Chambi National Park

Chambi National Park is found in the Tunisia in the province of Kasserine Governorate, the park protects the flora and fauna surrounding Mount Chambi which is regarded as the highest mountain peak with 1,544m above sea level in Tunisia. In 1977, the park and its surrounding areas were designated a UNESCO biosphere reserve and it occupies  6,723-hectare, this was established as a national park in 1980 and its found to be one of the greatest national parks in the country with registered visitors.

The park is one of the best habitant for the endangered Cuvier Gazelle and home to vulnerable Barbary sheep. The park is also the site of notable plant life Holm oak and Cotoneaster Nummular, Aleppo Pine and the Stipa Tenacissima.

Different bird species which are endemic to this park includes the including the Tunisian Crossbill, the Egyptian Vulture, Borelli’s eagle and the Peregrine falcon, European Hawk plus the Red cross bill among others.