El Feija National Park

Located about 200km west of Tunis the capital, El Feija Park was designated as a preserve for the Barbary deer.  The environmental and climatic conditions here in the park of El Feija comprises of Mediterranean climate with wet rainy winter. In January the average temperature is 7 ° C and can drop to 0 ° C and this mostly causes snow around region. During summer season, the temperature are seen rising with a remarkable way and the average is about 29 ° C with the possibility of reaching 45 ° C when the sirocco a known wind blows from the Sahara.

This park is home to a diversity of mammals such as jackal, weasel, fox, wild boars, hedgehog, wild cats, porcupine, hare, bat, mongoose and many other small mammals. A total exceeding 70 different species of birds are traced  in the park and these entail levaillant pic, cuckoo, wood pigeon, squire, owl, raven, hawk, booted eagle, warbles, canary and the blackbird just to outline but unlimited.