Buhanga Eco Park

Buhanga is found in Bukora Cell, Nkotsi sector also in Musanze district of Rwanda, this is a sacred place and a forest in general and this place is characterized by a number of myths since it was used by monarchs to initiate and coronation of the new king within the kingdom. This forest is characterized by a number of stones with dragon trees hence making the place a favorite one to BE visit. This place has got a historical background since it’s where the Rwandan Kings were reigned before they were enthroned.

According to the history and the facts found around this hill, the kings used to spend a number of days around this place under the guidance of the “Abiru” who was known as a traditional historian who used to operate in the king’s court and he also used to perform the different rituals pertaining king’s coronation. The forest is situated on 122-hectares and this provides a breath-taking environment.

The full name of this place is known as “I Buhanga Kwa Gihanga” and this name is derived from the first king of Rwanda. The place is characterized with other wonders including the “Icyuhagiriro” a place where the new king to the throne was taken and washed with purified waters from this well. The major aim to this was to protect the king from the various enemies outside the kingship.

Big trees that were intertwined can be seen here and if you are not keen enough you may think that it’s one tree. These three trees one is known as Umusando, the second is Igihondohondo and the third one is Umuvumu forming one combined tree and the major aim of this tree was that it symbolized unity among the people the king led.  Another feature to see is the well that used to provide the king with water, this is still in existence and the local people use it to fetch water up to then though they are not allowed to collect firewood from this forest.