Lake Kivu Holidays

Lake Kivu is located on the borders of Rwanda and DR. Congo and this is a 3hours drive from Kigali the capital city of the Republic of Rwanda, Gisenyi is a town found around this lake and it is one of the best town for visitors to chill out from due to the conducive environment and stress relieving air from the Lake. This is Rwanda’s largest Lake and it has got a shoreline which is full of sand hence making it a suitable place for relaxation.

The fact is Lake Kivu is composed of fresh waters and it is found within the east Africa’s greatest rift valley, this lake empties into River Ruzizi flowing southwards to Lake Tanganyika. This place inspires a great number of visitors who come here to enjoy a varied number of activities including,

Beach Relaxation, the lake has got sand beaches suitable for relaxation while waves from the lake pound upon the beaches makes a number one stop centre for every tourist too the country, the lake is surrounded by rolling mountains and this offers a beautiful scenery to the areas, visitors who enjoy taking photos for remembrance of the tour. The noisy but enthusiastic sounds made by the waves from the lake, makes the place a chilling area to those who have had a long day trek from the nearest Volcanoes national park. Chill as you enjoy food, drinks and music at the beach.

Swimming, the lake has got fresh waters that are suitable for swimming and indeed one can’t leave the lake minus engaging in swimming activities, the lake is crocodile and hippo free which guarantees visitors security while enjoying this great lake’s natural waters. Swimming costumes can be hired from the local service providers found around the park, this is another way of cooling your body temperature after a long day stress.

Visit to Kiaka artisan centre, this is an initiative of the local people who are always available to provide the relevant information to the visitors who visit their artisan centre, here the local women will take you through the different cultures and norm of the Rwandese, weaving activities from the women, baskets and the different crafts exhibiting their cultural including those which are suitable to be taken by you for remembrance at a favorable cost

Kayaking, this activity is suitable here due to the calm waters of the lake, on top of this boat excursions are done here hence offering to you a nice way of exploring the surrounding area including the islands found in the lake, all these activities offers to you an insight on how local people spend their rural life and how fishermen along the lake conduct this activity on this crocodile free water body.

A visit to Napoleon Island, this is the greatest accessible island on the lake and it is a one stop centre for bird lovers due to the various species of birds that flock at this island. Fruit bats are also found at this island hence enabling you to take nice photos. Enjoying fresh fish caught and sold by the fishermen at this point is another experience got while at this island. In the even while at the calm waters, one will have a nice sight of the sunset as the golden rays from the sun fading into the darkness when it is coming to night.

Accommodation at the Lake

Different accommodation facilities are available and these ranges from budget, mid-range and luxury facilities. Therefore, taking up on depends on the visitor’s budget and planned costs on his/her tour, some of the lodges include the Cormoran Lodge, Paradise Malahide, Lake Kivu Serena Hotel, Moriah Hill Resort and Bethany Guesthouse and those who wish to camp spaces are available provided you do prior arrangement with Rwanda safari tours companies.