Musanze Caves

These caves are found in Rwanda and are said to have dated 65million year’s way back, these are found within the volcanic regions and the volcanic activities are attributed to have formed these caves due to the lava layers within the Albertine Rift Valleys. These are part of the great Volcanoes National Park, despite of the fact that the park has got other main attractions, Musanze caves forms part of the greatest attraction features within the park. These caves are a colony of bats hence giving a nice stunning hiking trail that can last for two hours of hike hence enabling you to see the different rocks formed around the region.

Musanze is a big district found in the Northern Province of Rwanda, this serves as a tourist centre within the country, due to the fact that the area is mountainous, most of the parts have got dense vegetation. Visiting Musanze offers to you an extra adventure while in the country and for sure you cannot fail to accept the nice safaris offered by Nature adventure Africa safaris Limited.

This cave offers another tourist attraction scenery and therefore it is charged to be accessed, while at the caves, guides will give you all the information followed by the documents found around the headquarters and this will offer to you an insight of how interesting the caves is plus their historical backgrounds. Since the caves were colonized by the bats, every visitor who wishes to enter the caves is instructed to put on a head gear provided by the park including helmets and the torches that will be used by you to see the bats and inside the caves well.

All this is done to enable you enjoy the tour at the caves and to protect you from the emergencies including the could be transferable diseases form the bats, you will be required to cover your mouth put on the gloves and the gumboots to protect yourself from the droppings of these bats. Guides will take you through the recommended paths and therefore due to the many corridors and rooms within these caves, you are advised to follow the guide and not to divert.

Due to the fact that the place is not congested, visitors to the caves can explore the caves during any time and any day, entry fees to the caves is $55 per person and per day and therefore if you are interested in visiting this site which was later used by the attackers in the Genocide, you can book with the best Rwanda tour company Nature Adventure Africa safaris Limited.