Rwanda Twin Lakes

Welcome to the Lakes of wonders, these twin lakes are found at the foot hills of mountain Muhavura and they are adjacent to Uganda-Rwanda border in the northern parts of Rwanda. These Lakes are found near Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda in the colony of Musanze, close to these lakes are the surrounding hills of the Virunga ranges and these lakes are separated by a 1km strip of land.

These lakes were formed as a result of volcanic activity including the eruptions of mountain Muhavura though currently it’s a dormant volcano, as a result of these eruption lava flew to Nyabarongo river to Ndorwa northwards million years ago though currently Ndorwa belongs to Uganda but it was in Rwanda. This flowing lava led to the blocking of Nyabarongo river channel hence leading to the formation of these twin lakes, both Lake Bulera and Ruhondo are considered to be “lava dammed lakes”. This blocking led river Nyabarongo to flow southeast wards to in Akanyaru River that flows to join Akagera River.

These lakes are on 2800 ha and the swamps surrounding the lakes forms the best areas for bird watching due to the various bird species and forms the best area for photographers hence attracting a number of visitors to explore the lakes plus doing birding activity. Rugezi swamp is listed in the top seven birding areas of Rwanda, the spectacular backdrops of the hills surrounding these twin lakes forms a spectacular view of the blue waters of the lakes hence providing a stunning environment suitable to stay in.

You can’t leave Musanze minus taking a trip to these twin lakes, canoe boats are available to take you around the lakes such that you explore how beautiful is Rwanda gifted with a true natural environment in a real setting and this can be done on both of the Lakes.