Tarangire National Park

This is a sixth national park of Tanzania and it is found in Manyara region, the park derived its name from the Tarangire River flowing through the park, during the dry season, Tarangire is the main source of water to the animals with in the ecosystem. The park covers a total land area of 2850km² with a granite characterized landscape composed of ridges, valleys and swamps plus a varied vegetation of acacia woodland, and seasonally flooded grassland with baobab trees.

This park can be accessed via a good maintained road south of Arusha and this takes around two hours, the park has got an enjoyable climate with a varied altitude ranging from985 to 1528m with a varying temperature within the park, this drops by 6.5ᵒc for every 1000m you climb above the sea level with a wet season ranging from October- November

Flora and fauna

The park is granted with a great density of elephants that hide in baobab trees and the best season to explore the park is during the dry season of June to November where you will see a thousand zebras, wildebeest and cape buffalo, from here you cannot leave the park minus seeing the impalas, giraffe, eland, grant gazelle, banded mongoose, olive baboons, water bucks, and vervet monkeys with a number of predators including leopards, cheetah, honey badger, African wild dog and lions. Tarangire is where the oldest elephant that gave birth to the twins is located here in the park hence offering a great experiential tour to the visitors.

Birding, this is another attracting feature found her and the place is as great destination for birding activities with over 550 bird species, these are found around the swamps within Tarangire and this makes it to be another one stop centre for birds including those that are migratory from Europe and those that are true residents within the park.

Walking safaris, this is another way to enjoy the park and it will lead you the different animals around the river and the ancient village of Maasai and Barabaig where the ancient paintings can be spotted and the dry season will make your safari a better place to visit within the Tanzania republic. Plan your Tarangire trip with Eco tours Tanzania, this will enable you enjoy the safari due to the outstanding services offered.