Zanzibar Islands

Zanzibar Islands is a 50km off from the coast of the mainland and it is a semi-autonomous region of Tanzania in East Africa, this region consists of other few small islands including other two bigger ones such as Unguja and Pemba islands and the capital city of Zanzibar is found at Unguja island with an historical centre of Stone Town and it is regarded as a World Heritage site. This island was named after “Zang-bar” which generally means the “black coast”.

Zanzibar is characterized by several islands that surrounds the main island that offer a nice experience to those wishing to travel during day and its Zanzibar where you will find the largest population of the ancient Aldabara tortoises. All the corners of Zanzibar have got great tourist attraction features that sets the island unique apart from the rest of the islands around the Indian Ocean  with different number of beaches that are of great importance to those wishing to conduct honey moon holidays around the fresh waters and sands,