Batwa Trail

The Batwa are found in Mgahinga Gorilla National park hence offering another opportunity to those who wish to do Batwa experience after doing gorilla trekking. This trip costs $80 per person and the Batwa themselves will act as your guide. Enjoy the Garama Cave which is a ceremonial ground for the different Batwa leaders.

These are also found in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park where the preferred endangered mountain gorillas are tracked in Uganda, this is found in southwestern Uganda, the Batwa are believed to be the first inhabitants of the forest, these are also known as the Batwa pygmies due to their short heights. These lived here as they were practicing hunting, food gathering and also raring some animals at a small scale. These were interfered by the establishment of the national park has they were pushed out of the forest by Uganda Wildlife Authority with a view of promoting forest conservation.

Batwa trail experience gives you an insight on how these people spend their day to day lives within the forest, these will take you through their traditional dances and songs. On addition is the story telling sessions and here you will learn how these people used to collect honey, handling bows, ways of farming and how they used to pick herbal medicine that they get from the roots of the trees and the leaves. Here you will be taught how to use the herbs to treat the different hails and diseases. You will be given a chance to share and prepare the local meal and also enter their grass thatched houses.

This trail will be of a great value to you since it begins with a nature walk within the forest as you hike through the path, these are known as a welcoming people since they are now focused and are used to the visitors within their territories. This will take you around five hours of hike and sharing with these shortest people on earth, planning your day gives you an opportunity directly to support the Batwa development as the funds are used to construct for them some schools.