Entebbe Beaches

At Entebbe you find these beaches that are clean and beautiful white-sand, celestial sunrises, remarkable rare birds are but a few of the treats that await anyone. Here below are beaches that are ranked best to relax on your weekend holiday or while waiting for your night flight while at Entebbe city.

Imperial Resort beaches, this is one of the best beaches explored by Ugandans and international visitors from different countries of the world. This is a number one stop centre for chillers and those who wish to ran away from stress after different activities during the day or a year, this beach is located in Entebbe town, there are two beaches maintained by Imperial Resort Beach Hotel and these include the Imperial Botanical Beach and Imperial Resort Beach and here visitors enjoy various activities including sun bathing and boat riding activities.

Botanical garden Beach, this is another most wanted beach found in Botanical Gardens in Entebbe, it is a honey moon and stress relieving place mostly visited by those on relaxation, due to the fact that the place is a forested one, it’s a haven for the different bird species and therefore bird lovers enjoy the place since birding is softly done here without any stress as well as resting within the unique environment that will make you feel at home.

Entebbe botanical garden was established in 1898 and it is on an altitude of about 1134m and it is on 40.7 hectares, the garden is composed of the different plant species including trees that are labeled for easy identification by the researchers who always visit the place. Over 309 species of which 199 are indigenous to Uganda plus the other being of medical importance, Colobus monkeys and different birds including Palm Nut Vulture, African Grey Parrots and Bat Hawk are always seen here hence being an extra activity after enjoying the Beach.

Nabinonya Beach, almost 30km from Kampala is where you find this amazing but amusing beach near Entebbe, youth and the different families flock into this place to enjoy the best environment. The beach has got camping sites and therefore it is a hiding place for the people on honey moons and vacation boat cruising and it is characterized with a forest environment which is composed of different primates including Red Tailed Monkeys hence being a great place to visit for beaching

Aero Beach, another popular beach which has boomed throughout the generations and it is among the top interesting beaches of Uganda also found in Entebbe, the beach is visited every day and it’s not a crowded place hence being a safe place to visit for swimming and relaxation. Children and students from various schools enjoy the place due to the aero plane frame that was put within the beach suitable for photo taking.

Lido Beach, over the years, lido beach has been visited over the years due to its impressive soft sands and the nice stunning view of the different nearby islands. Lido beach is among the oldest beaches at the Victoria shores and it’s near the Entebbe international airport. This becomes another visiting place to the tourists before going back to their motherland, it is a nice place for volley ball, and beach soccer, boat rides and building sand castles activities are among the best activities performed here.