Jinja City

Jinja is one of the best Uganda tourism city found in eastern Uganda in the eastern region of Busoga, this interesting city is found almost 80km from Kampala the capital city of Uganda and it seats north of Lake Victoria shores, this is a 1hour drive with enormous economic activities including banking, sugar manufacturing, brewery and cloth making at Nytil hence making a busy and a suitable place to visit. Jinja attracts a number of tourists throughout the year due to the various interesting features including,

Source of the Nile, this is also known as the second longest river in the world and it was discovered by a European explorer John Speke, source of the Nile is still an attraction feature that has been toured by international visitors who still wonder the true origin of this calm source. While at this point, you will get a nice stunning view of the Speke monument that was established here at the source as a mark of remembrance of the explorer. The place leaves you with a number of questions on how water flows from still waters of Lake Victoria and the environment makes it a better place to travel to.

‎Bujagali Falls, this is an amazing place to visit still in Jinja district, Bujagali falls gives you a clear experience that will let you appreciate the pearl of Africa and the truth that Uganda is gifted by nature. This is an ancestral site for the people of Busoga as the place is believed to be a worship place for the Basoga spirits. These falls have got numerous rapids as one falls the Nile that makes it a unique feature on its own, the culture and the respect attached to the place makes the falls a great tourist attraction place within the kingdom of Busoga.

Itanda Falls, these are considered to be the worst falls along the Nile and the place is feared by mostly visitors on white water rafting as the falls flows on a sharp cliff that cannot contain rafters due to the intensive speed flown by the running waters on huge hard rocks. Those who are good at taking photos, the place is ideal since waters are seen splashing down in the pools, the falls are found 18km from Jinja town and therefore offers another opportunity scene for bird watchers.

Mpumudde Hill, this is a village of unique history, this is a place where the King of Bunyoro known as king Kabalega passed by as he was on his way back to Bunyoro after his exile, on his reaching here at the hill, he sighed “Oh Mpumwere” which ideally means “I can Now Rest”. Therefore, the Basoga named the place Mpummude, after resting for a while, King Kabalega died from this hill, his remains were taken back to Bunyoro for burial years way back in 1920. Mpummude is now a developed town with great markets that tourist can visit after visiting the hill.

Lake Victoria Beaches, there are a number of beaches where you can rest from while in the city of Jinja, this will grant you opportunities the enjoy a great number of water sporting activities including fishing around Masese landing site, beaches such as Sailing club, Tilapia club. Chance to see the nearby islands the occupy the lakes, with the various peninsular and caves at the shores of the lake

Crafts, take a visit to the local craft shops that are maintained by the various local people from the Busoga culture, you will also visit the workshops within the city, weaved baskets, sandal crafts, cloths knitted in the yoga style  plus mats and huts  including other souvenirs made from papyruses and other fiber local materials, this makes Busoga one of the best region to take a tour safari due to the various sights and sounds found within Jinja.