Lake Bunyonyi

This is a preferred lake by the most tourists and it is regarded to be the second deepest lake in Africa, the lake is found in the southwestern parts of Uganda in the districts of Kisoro. The lake stands at an elevation of 1962m above the sea level, the temperature around the lake is always cool be it in the morning or evening and it is mostly visited by visitors who come for gorilla trekking safari from either Mgahinga Gorilla or Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park.

The Lake is surrounded by rolling hills with over 29 islands scattered across the Lake hence making it a magical place to be visited, the lakes experiences a cloudy like fog and mist and it is said that one day the islands hide in the blankets of the clouds which took one hour and later they came back. The lake is famous for its enormous activities including,

Swimming, rare to find, Lake Bunyonyi is a bilharzia, hippo and crocodile free lake and this makes it a suitable lake for swimming with safety being guaranteed, the fact it the lake is a deep one therefore one must be a good swimmer to enjoy the lake. At the lake, visitors enjoy swimming in the cold waters that makes you forget your problems and the stress you had while tracking gorillas.  Safety precautions should be taken into consideration while swimming through the lake.

Canoeing, the lake is occupied by 29 islands that can be explored while on the canoe, it is advisable to take a canoe with a guide who will take you through the different historical information of the lake and islands. It depends on your budget but the activity can be done for a full day or on a half day and you can paddle yourself or being paddled but to get more experience, it is better to participate in practically.

Nature Walks and Hikes, nature walks and hiking around the lake is one of the best activities done here hence giving you a nice stunning view of the various hills, this is done by the experienced guides from Nature Adventure Africa Safaris Limited, some villages will lead you to the small villages  where you meet the different cultural groups that will take you through the different performances including  how to prepare the local food including the traditional dances and songs. This will enable you to appreciate the lake’s nature at a glance.

Bird Watching, Lake Bunyonyi is a haven for birders due to the different bird species found in around the islands within the lake, the lake has got a record of about 200 bird species and these can be spotted  while on boats with a birding guide who will take you through the names of the different bird species including The  gray crowned crane, red-chested sunbird and the flycatcher just to mention but a few, those with cameras  can utilize this opportunity to take some photos.

Boat Ride to Akampene, this is also known as the punishment island and it is one of the respected islands within the lake, this island is not occupied by the local people due to its historical background and the acts that were performed on it. Every girl who used to get pregnant before marriage was taken to this island and left to starve on account that they caused loss to the parents since they were not to be given bride price, even the needy people who had no support were left here to starve to death, those who tempted to swim back to the main land never made it as they died in the process of swimming . This island has got some remains of the skeletons of the people who died from here within the caves.