Rwenzori Mountain National Park

This is one of the best magnificent national parks in Uganda, the park was gazetted in 1991 and it covers 996km² and its recognized as a world heritage 3site. This is a block mountain which was formed as a result of faulting and it’s found in the western rift valley, the highest point of the mountain is the 5109m above sea level.

The highest peak of the Rwenzori is known as the Margherita which was first explored by Henry Stanley, the name Rwenzori was got from the local language of the local Bakonzo as “Ruwenzori” which means Rain Maker. Mountain of the Moon has got some interesting activities that van be done and these includes,

Mountaineering, the best amazing activity that is enjoyed by the Nature adventurers to Uganda is found here in Mountain Rwenzori national park, mountain climbing here is one of the greatest experiential activity which takes around 19-20days. Climbers can choose from the two hiking trails, these includes the Central circuit trail which takes around seven days of climbing. The Kirembe trail is another trail which passes via Nyamwamba valley and here visitors are able to observe some glacial lakes and flowing rivers. Rwenzori Mountaineering Services are among the operators.

Hiking and nature walks, nature walks can be done around the par whereby visitors use trails such as a trail that leads visitors to Lake Mahooma and Buraro chimp forest, guided nature walks to the through the local communities of Kichamba to reach the Karangura ridge provides a nice stunning experience.

The Ruboni and Turaco View communities also offer guided forest walks of various metres though it’s outside the park. A walk to River Mubuku and forms a better view of Baker and Portal Peaks taking visitors to 2,300m above sea level. Snow capped Margherita Peak can also be seen by the hikers. Along the way, keep an eye out for chameleons, squirrels, vervet monkeys and many birds.

Cultural encountering, Mihunga‘s community tourism group, visitors are taken through a cultural village tour by the Turaco view, these demonstrate to the visitors their traditional healers with herbs which are believed to cure a number of diseases and also a craft exhibitions and live dance performance. Walking through the forest also enables lucky visitors to see the Bee-eaters, sun birds and black and white colobus monkeys. Engaging into a dialogue with the Bakonzo who occupies the foot hills of the Rwenzori, meeting with basket weavers and storytellers while enjoying a vibrant dance performance accompanied by lively drumming forms a unique experience.