Semliki National Park

This occupies an area of 220km, the park is found in the districts of Bundibugyo and it was gazetted in 1993. The park protects the extra ordinary faunas and mostly the different bird species hence being a haven stop over for bird watcher. To the northwest the park is boarded by the Semliki River which runs into Lake Albert. The lowland forests found here in the park are associated with the Congo basin.

The park has got over 300 species of butterflies including 46 species of forest swallowtails. The park’s entrance is a 52km drive from fort-portal. And from Kampala to Semliki national park it takes almost 9hours including some stop overs or breaks for lunch and refreshments. Some of the activities that can be done from this park include:

Sempaya Hot springs, this is among the most clustering feature found within the park and it can be accessed through a short walk under the guidance of the park rangers. The springs form a cloud steam via the palm trees and its believed that it forms a temperature of about 100̊c hence forming pools around it, within the trails, one can find the red tailed monkeys, the grey cheeked Mangabeys and black and white monkeys. Many visitors enjoy this hot springs whereby many comes in to testify while boiling eggs and bananas using this hot water.

Bird watching, the park is a habitant for over 435 bird species and among the noted ones, include spot-breasted ibis, Hartlaub’s duck, long tailed Hawk, Congo serpent eagle, Black throated coucal, black dwarf horn bill, red-rumped tinker bird, spotted honey guide, red eyed puff back, Western bronze-napped pigeon,  yellow long bill,  crested malimbe, red sided broad bill,  red billed helmet shrike, yellow throated cuckoo, Gabon woodpecker, African peculate, simple greenbul, grey ground thrush among others.

Game viewing, with over 53 mammal species that have been recorded from the park, among these, around 11 species are not seen elsewhere in Uganda which includes the pygmy antelope and the two types of the flying squirrels and six bat species, the park has got some chimpanzees though not too common, elephants, bush pigs, buffaloes, sitatunga, white bellied duikers not forgetting the Uganda kobs and some crocodiles and hippos which are seen along the Semliki river.