Ssese Islands

Ssese island of a thousand years is attributed to having been formed by the tectonic movements causing an upward basin found in the two arms of the Great Rift Valley. The fact is few is known about the island including the earliest inhabitants but it is said that the earlier Kintu from Buganda hailed from this island hence claiming it to be an island of gods. Before colonialism, the island was visited by the Buganda king to pay tribute to the several gods locally known as “Balubaale” alongside the shrines of Mukasa attributed to the “Spirit of the Lake” that were located at Bubembe.

The island is renowned dates back during the Bunyoro and Buganda war and the war led by Nakibinge who was overwhelmed in the war ran to the island to seek for support. Nakibinge was offered assistance after the king giving him his youngest son Kibuuka who later joined the war against Bunyoro. Kibuuka literary meaning “Flier” in the Luganda language was tall enough and powerful due to his then age, Kibuuka was equipped with unique fighting skills therefore he used to fly high above the clouds with spears who later showered them to the enemies.

This left them in doubt on where the spears used to emanate from, this enabled Buganda to win the war though Kibuuka didn’t survive in the second war to eat the tree fruits of his first victory after disclosing all the secrets to a Munyoro girl which annoyed the gods. Following after disclosing the secrets by Kibuuka, it’s said that the gods got annoyed and when Kibuuka attempted to fly into the sky to utilize his skills during the war, he flew normally, at this time he was seen by the Bunyoro army who poured arrows on him.

Location and getting there

Ssese Island is located in the southwest of Lake Victoria, Ssese is connected by a ferry Entebbe and another route is from Kampala to Bukakata though visitors may decide to use small boats from Kasenyi. To those who enjoy flights, an air service is available operated by Mission Aviation Fellowship but the easiest way is to organize the trip with Uganda tours since they have got all the ferry departure schedules.

Ssese has got over 84 islands with both large and small sized islands which are inhabited by people, the area receives an average annual rainfall of 20000mm, despite of t3y fact that there are too many islands, only two are frequently visited by the tourists though Bugala is the most attractive and visited in all. Other Islands that can be visited with varying degrees of ease are Bubeke, Bukasa and Bufumira.

Places to visit while in Ssese

Bugala Island, this is the largest island and it covers around 200km² and 43km² east to west hence rendering it the largest island in Lake Victoria and therefore the most developed island. The island is liked up to the mainland by a ferry that operates regularly on a time tabled basis. The island is developed with both budget and luxury lodges that suits your wishes, Kalangala is the main administrative area on Bugala with Lutoboka Bay which forms the best area for resorts and beaches. On this island is Luku which is a tiny village found in the western extreme of this island, this is where the ferry docks.

While at this island, bird lovers should expect to see a diversity of bird species including, Pygmy Kingfisher, brown-throated wattle eye, robin-chats, horn bills, barbets, Turaco, paradise flycatcher, palm nut vulture and the African fish eagles can be seen around the shoreline of the lake not to forget the egrets and great cormorants.

Ssese Palm Beach, looking for areas where you can spend your honey moon, this is the answer to your worries, the place is located near the waters and the shores of Lake Victoria with a number of accommodation facilities with other tents furnished with beds depending on your accommodation preferences. This is a nice resort for chilling when you are away of the main land as the cool environment with beautiful sceneries will make you forget all your stress.

Exciting activities, these include boat excursions and fishing at the Lake, the local people are always available to hire you the fishing equipment, this boating activity will enable you visit the surrounding islands hence seeing the different coastal features including caves, stumps, peninsular and other hanging cliffs. This becomes a best place for photographers who always move with their cameras, the lake has got different fish species with tilapia being one of the greatest fished within the lake.

Those who are eager to take some fruits from the island, this is the best place to visit, fruits including mangoes, watermelons, pawpaw, pineapples, jack fruits and bananas renders the island a worth to visit place. On top of the fruits, visitors get a stunning view of the islands with rolling hills and this gives you a breathtaking environment. This makes Ssese islands one of the best tourists’ attraction centre most importantly those on honey moons holidays and those who wish to explore the beauty of Uganda the Pearl of Africa.