Rodrigue Katembo wins the Goldman Environmental Prize 2017


We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that Virunga National Park’s former Central Sector Warden, Rodrigue Mugaruka Katembo, has been honoured with the 2017 Goldman Environmental Prize in recognition of the work he has undertaken to protect Africa’s Oldest National Park.

Whilst working at Virunga, Rodrigue put his life on the line and faced significant threats for the benefit of Virunga National Park and the communities it serves. Roridgue’s courageous work was documented in the Academy Award nominated documentary, Virunga.

The Park owes a huge debt of gratitude to Rodrigue for this work, which he is continuing at Upemba National Park in southern DRC.

Is it the brave and tireless work of rangers like Rodrigue that has helped Virunga National Park survive myriad challenges. Virunga’s rangers have one of the most dangerous jobs in conservation, and tragically over 150 of Rodrigue’s colleagues have been killed in the line of duty. Our staff’s ongoing dedication has meant that today, the wildlife populations are recovering after years of conflict, and the park is working to help bring peace and stability to eastern Congo through its groundbreaking development initiative – The Virunga Alliance.

To continue this important work, Virunga National Park relies on our worldwide community of friends. If you would like to support Virunga, and the heroic work of rangers like Rodrigue Mugaruka Katembo. Read More

As conservation society in the world, we appreciate Rodrique for his great work done to towards this park which is now a safe place for tourism in DRC Congo to all travelers from the globe. Today the park host a number of tourists via tour operators and self travelers and the most of these tourists visit the Mount Nyiragongo Volcano which is a 2 day experience and this cost $ 300 USD per person and includes the overnight stay at the top of the mountain in the shelters. Thereafter, tourist do gorilla trekking safaris in the Virunga National Park visiting the endangered mountain gorillas at the Bukima point, Chimpanzee Habituation Experience in Tango forest situated near the Mikeno Lodge.

Then for your holiday do not miss the Tchegera Islands that offers quite environment staying the Tchegera Safari Tented Camp overlooking the shores of Lake Kivu. There is optional activities to enjoy like bird watching, canoeing and Eco nature walk around the camp.


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