Virunga’s Marathon Challenge 2018 – She did it!

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To all conservationists in the world Cong’s to Angele who has showed the world in London that she do not only stop at carrying gun in the Virunga National Park to protect the park but she can too participate in other programs like Marathon which is aimed at the fundraising resources to protect the park and the fellow rangers. SHE DID IT!

On Sunday, Angèle completed the London Marathon in an incredible time of 03:51:42. Despite it being her first ever marathon and despite the added challenge of developing leg cramp in the last few kilometers of the race, Angèle made it across the finish line in under 4 hours with a beaming smile on her face!

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has shown their support throughout our marathon campaign this year, and thanks as well to all who joined us in London to cheer Angèle on. During the hardest parts of the race, she could see banners and hear people calling her name, which gave her the energy to keep going.

Angèle is now back in the Park, but there’s still time to support her, and our fundraising efforts! “Thank you to everyone for your support, you have been beautiful. I miss London already!”

Thanks to the incredible generosity of our supporters, we have surpassed our £50,000 target, and we would love to reach our new goal of £150,000. Please do help us as we try and reach this ambitious fundraising goal – the funds raised from this effort will go towards the Park’s essential programmes, including support for our Rangers who put their lives at risk on a daily basis to ensure Virunga is protected.

For Angèle, the Marathon experience has been one she will never forget. Still for those will to visit the park in person to experience mountain gorilla trekking and Nyiragongo trek in Democratic Republic of Congo it the high time you parked all your safari logistics. The country is safe and with the trusted knowledgeable Congo tour operators they will  help you to customize for you best safari. It has become much easier to visit Virunga due to the new opened safari lodges that everyone would prefer to stay. Before the park had only the Bukima Tented Camp, this at first was a research centre and later due to the increased demand to trek gorillas in Virunga it was modernized to the sleeping facility for international tourists. Later a luxury lodge “Mikeno Lodge” was opened in the park to cater for the luxury travelers and more like Lulimbi Tented Camp at the sector where you can experience wildlife at the shores of River Ishasha has been built up and it will be officially opened in June 2018.

Still Virunga National Park, being the oldest national park in Africa hosts several travelers and including those interested in honey moon travelers and now the Virunga Foundation has opened up the Tchegera Island Tented Camp situated at the shores of Lake Kivu and staying here is like home away from home and you will have scenic view of the Active Mountain Nyiragongo at night and also you can too experience the nice songs of the birds at the shores of the Lake Kivu.

Last but not least about this blog news the Virunga Foundation has catered and put up a very affordable Kibumba Tented Camp to attract the budget travelers and this camp is situated in between the Nyiragongo start point and the gorilla trek point and staying this place is so amazing. Though it is called affordable but the camp is on the high of service and from here you can visit the nearby local communities and will have to experience the vibrant culture of Democratic Republic of Congo.


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