Seeing Uganda by Road – North Eastern Route


    After the Covid-19 pandemic hitting the entire world, I and my wife started planning our vacation out our home country. Out of Africa we chose going to Uganda and this “Pearl of Africa” has much more to offer. At first, we wanted to go on an escorted trip but when we did calculations, we found it to be expensive and later searching online we found it that it is much more possible to see Uganda on self drive holiday.

    While preparing the logistics to take this experience we first thought of finding the best 4×4 car rental to use and when you check online you will find various car rental agencies but don’t be confused with these so many companies but rather book with 4×4 Car Hire Uganda. The staffs from this company Moses or Mike have got best experience of explaining exactly what you want to know before you rent car in Uganda.

    During our preparation at first, we had the best communication with Moses who every time you ask a question, he brings the exact information that you exactly want to get for the proper preparation of the holiday. We had both emails and what’s app video calls with him and we agreed on the long-term car rental services of 33 days in Uganda.

    At first, we wanted to drive both the 4×4 Rav4 and the Land Cruiser but from Moses’ advises we later decided to take only the Land Cruiser and he really offered us a very good price that is worthy our long-term rental and I highly recommend this company to every traveler on short or long rental in Uganda.

    When you book the 4×4 car rental from this company their staff will in an email highly do list for you the best activities that you can do and more so they are much supportive to your trip in that they can easily purchase for you say the gorilla or chimps permit at no extra cost.

    When we confirmed out rental services Moses advised us to pay upon arrival and he later gave us the proforma invoice and this is so organized and on our coming we arrived in Entebbe a night before and we had to take an overnight in the Entebbe town and then the next day in the morning Moses delivered the car to us and since we had already read through the car rental agreement signing didn’t take us much time.

    Moses as smart as in his communication he later explained to us everything about the car and the road rules to follow while driving across Uganda. Then on this day we started our interesting journey and I want to let you know that seeing Uganda on road is the best way to go.

    Seeing Uganda by road can start where as you wish to explore this country and for our case, we started our journey from Jinja and in this tourism city we had to go to the source of the Nile and much more information was offered from the local site guide. Though we were moving on the ground camping we managed to find the space at the Base Camp and our nights at the camp we so amazing.

    Still in Jinja we did the interesting white-water rafting along the rapids of River Nile and this adventure is so memorable and after drove back to the Nile River Explorer, we knew this camp through Moses as we told him we need eco – style camps and while staying at this camp you have the clear view of the Nile and the extras here you will enjoy the water sliding and this is another experience to tell.

    Jinja city is big and there are much more experiential activities to take and if you have more time in Uganda and you happen to take visit to Jinja spend like a week and you will do so many different activities every day. After exploring Jinja with our 4×4 jeep we had to proceed to eastern part of Uganda starting from the Mbale town and here we drove up to Mount Elgon and our highlight was the Sipi falls and when you reach here you feel the cool breeze of the falls and my wife from the stunning landscape took as many photos as she wanted.

    When you reach at the place you feel the love of the area and get the local site guide and then he will immerse you into the deep explanation of the area and with our guide we visited also the local villages, we had the aroma coffee experience. Coffee from this area is so delicious and what we did was so exceptional, we went to a family and we first participated in coffee harvest, carry it to home and then with the dry coffee beans we had to roast them grind them and later took it with black tea and the aroma is nice.

    Later we drove to the Pian Upe reserve, it is just picking up as the tourism destiny but it is worthy visiting and today you will do en-route game drive in this park and wildlife and birds are easily spotted. The landscapes are so amazing with the beautiful green cover of the Savannah grass land. After this experience we had to proceed to Moroto town and we got our camping space at the Kara-tunga Camp.

    We had a chance to explore the culture of the Karamojong and staff at Kara-tunga that Moses had connected to us, much helped us to arrange this experience and after seeing the culture we had to go to Kaboong town but via the Nakapelimuro village and this is among the biggest cultural villages in East Africa. With our local guide from the Kara-tunga we managed to move around the village and the place is worthy to visit.

    Today, after our breakfast we will take the IK nature walk in Kotido and if you want to experience the Karamoja local meal ask for Mama Dan and you will enjoy the mixture of beans, chicken and rice. Later we drove to Kidepo Valley National Park.

    During all the time we stayed in the Kidepo Valley National Park we had interesting times on our game drives. We took various tracks in the park and this park is so amazing with the high population of the wildlife and the undulating landscapes. Evening visit to the nearby local communities is another experience to enjoy in Karamoja.


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