10 Reasons You Need to Travel to Kenya

Wildebeest migration

There are a number of reasons that may tempt you to travel to Kenya.

In the Eastern part of Africa is where you can find Kenya and enjoy its distinctiveness especially in its natural resources such as Lakes, National parks and reserves, Rivers and many other things.

The following are some of the reasons as to why you should go on Kenya safari in any month of the year.

Africa is home to the big five wildlife species that include African Lions, Elephants, Buffaloes, Leopards and Rhinos of which Kenya is the best spot to sight excessive numbers.

You can soak up a lot of these species in its national parks including Maasai Mara National Reserve, Tsavo National Park and Amboseli National Park.

The special thing in Tsavo is that you will view a large number of Lions (over 675 lions) more than in any other Park in Kenya, but still if you are that tourist who likes viewing elephants in a large number then you should opt to visit Amboseli because the park resides over 1,200 elephants, the highest number not only in Kenya but also in Africa at large.

Especially when you are a tourist who likes viewing a large number of wildlife you should choose to travel to Kenya because it stars plenty of wildlife you should not miss.

It has one of Africa’s best national parks including Masaai Mara National Reserve with a huge number of wildlife species.

Wildlife species available in the Park are viewed in a large number such as Africa’s big five (Lions, Elephants, Rhinos, Leopards and Buffaloes), Impalas, Coke’s hartebeests, Masai giraffes, Cheetahs, Hyenas, Jackals and many others.

The Park also boosts a large number of bird life (Over 500 bird species) together with other Parks in Kenya which also keeps a large number of birds most especially Lake Nakuru National Park which boosts millions of Flamingos and it is the best place in the world to view a large number of Flamingos.

Thus, most of the available species in Kenya’s Parks (either birds or animals) are always viewed in an excessive number.

Kenya has a special wildlife migration which happens in July, August, September and October where a lot of wildlife species move in an excessive number to penetrate into Kenya’s national parks thus paving a great opportunity for Kenya’s tourists to view a large number of wildlife accessing the Kenya.

This wildlife migration is clearly viewed when you visit Maasai Mara National Reserve because these animals migrate from Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park which is located at the borders of Tanzania and Kenya thus extending North in Kenya to form the Maasai Mara National Reserve.

Therefore, both Parks are naturally attached to each other hence allowing easy access of animals from either Parks to access the other one especially in absence of water and pastures.

Pastures in Tanzania during July to October become exhausted due to a large number of animals in the Park thus the best option for the survival of animals is to migrate from the Park to Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve where there is a lot of pasture during that time.

However still in Kenya if the pastures are exhausted, animals are therefore seen retarding to Tanzania for the fresh pastures.

The most dominant migrants during this migration are over 1.5 Wildebeests, half a million of Thomson’s gazelles, 200,000-plus Zebras, 97,000 Topis and 18,000 Elands which access the Park through its Mara River.

For the travelers viewing this great migration at Mara River, they will also get a great opportunity to view the largest number of Crocodiles in East Africa which are found at the shores of Mara River together with high numbers of hippos.

You should also travel to Kenya to enjoy its special Nairobi city tours. Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya and it is one of the most ideal cities for city tours and road trips since the city has a lot of amazing things including its national park called Nairobi National Park.

Nairobi is one of the few cities in the world to possess a national park and this makes its city tours to be so special to other capital cities in Africa.

The Park resides a large number of wildlife species such as; African Lions, Hippos, Leopards, Eastern black rhinos, Cheetahs, Coke’s hartebeests, Zebras, Gazelles, Masai giraffes, Impalas and Elands.

Kenya’s skyscrapers can easily be viewed while in the Park however outside of the Park in your Nairobi city tours you will also enjoy other amazing things in the Park such as; a visit to the museums in the city which include Nairobi national museum, Nairobi gallery museum and Karen Blixen museum where you will enjoy the beautiful artifacts from there.

Uhuru Park is also a popular place in Kenya famously known for hosting rallies, out-door speeches and seminars/ceremonies which is also found in Nairobi and your visit to the Park will be a great one plus many other amazing things which you will enjoy while on your Nairobi city tour.

The magnificent beaches of Kenya are also worth a visit especially when you are done with the excellent game viewing in Kenya’s national park.

Since Kenya is next to the Indian Ocean, most of its beaches are situated while facing the Indian Ocean with their landscape being invaded with white sand.

Kenya’s best beaches are most situated in Mombasa and they include; Pirates beach, Diani beach, Shanzu beach, Nyali beach, Kikambala beach among others.

Kenya’s beaches are most ideal for luxury moments where the visitors will enjoy swimming in the fresh waters of the beaches together with boat trips to access the nearby Islands where you will also enjoy your stay with the local people who live there.

You should also travel to Kenya because Africa’s largest fresh water Lake (Lake Victoria) also passes through the country thus you will get a great opportunity to visit Africa’s largest and world’s second largest fresh water lake.

The lake is so productive to the economy of Kenya since through fishing, fishermen earn a lot of money when they sell their caught fish as well as the government of Kenya also gets a lot of tax thus increasing Kenya’s government revenue.

Besides fishing, the lake also attracts a lot of tourists who go there to enjoy life from there. Tourists can decide to visit some of Kenya’s nearby Islands which are constituted at the lake and enjoy the culture of people who live in those Islands and also know the remedies they face such that if possible when a tourist is financially stable can decide to help the local people in any way.

Your stay at any of the Islands in Kenya you will enjoy the taste of fish species caught from the lake such as Tilapia and Nile Perch which are the most common fish species caught from the lake plus silver fish.

At the lake you will enjoy a lot of activities such as boat cruises, bird watching especially the aquatic birds and you can also view crocodiles and hippos.

You should travel to Kenya in order to enjoy the most amazing culture in Africa since Kenya is one of Africa’s countries with the most special and amazing culture and the country is made up of many tribes such as Masai tribe which is the most famous and popular due to their culture which is so much interesting.

Other tribes in the country include; Turkana tribe, Meru tribe, Mijikenda tribe, Samburu tribe, Kikuyu and many others and you can meet these tribes easily especially when you visit Kenya’s Parks because most of these people live near Kenya’s Parks and Reserves.

When you meet these people, expect to enjoy to the fullest because the local people will perform for you their dances and songs together as they will be drumming in order to make the staff so amazing and their dressing styles are also indeed worth a view.

Your stay with Kenya’s tribes will not take for so long but the experience you will get there will be of a life time which you cannot easily forget.

You should also travel in Kenya in order to enjoy the interesting activities in Kenya’s national parks which include the balloon safaris.

The balloon safaris are more interesting and you get a great experience out of it though it is not common in every country national park in Africa but common in Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve.

The balloon safaris are governed by experienced experts who guide you as you enjoy the flight.

It is really a great fun and the trip is so magical when you are floating over the savannah in a hot air balloon which will fill you with enough memories of a lifetime.

You take off in the wee hours of the morning, float in the sky, drifting with the whim of the wind, overlooking the plains, just in time to experience a breathtaking sunrise and catch a bird’s eye view of the reserve.

After the flight, you will be treated to a luxurious breakfast to complete the experience as you relax and absorb the moment.

Other activities in Kenya include; game drives, game viewing, boat cruises, bird watching, Mountain hiking and many others.


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