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We had a lot of fun during our safari tour in Kenya when we chose to book with the ECO TOURS KENYA for arranging our safari tour.

I and my classmate decided to visit Africa for wildlife safari tours and on our research, we found that Kenya would be the best place for our safari tour due to its distinct national parks and Reserves.

Kenya has got a variety of Parks and Reserves of which some of its Parks are the best for safari tours in Africa. The agency worked on everything that was needed to make our safari a memorable one including providing us with a good conditioned Toyota Land Cruiser vehicle which we used for our tour.

The agency also did a great job in making our safari tour more interesting through identifying for us the best places for safari tours in Africa and Kenya of which we really had a great fun there.

We were to spend 10 Day Kenya Safari exploring its best destinations and then go for a beach holiday which we had told our tour agency earlier before we went for the safari tour in Kenya and this helped our agency to plan for our safari tour thoroughly well since we had booked earlier before the tour.

When our time for traveling to Kenya reached, we had to prepare ourselves and packed all our gadgets which we were to use during the tour. We soon arrived to our country’s airport for a flight to Kenya of which we were so pleased to use a Kenya Air flight which flew us direct to Kenya’s international airport.

On our arrival in Kenya, the agency’s tour guides picked us from the airport and took us direct to our reserved hotel in Nairobi since we had arrived late in the evening, thus we had to rest from Nairobi and wait for the morning to access our desired destinations in Kenya.

At hotel (Kahale Hotel) we were served good supper at the hotel’s restaurant and then went for the sleep till morning when we organized our belongings again and left for our safari tour.

We had ordered for a good driver from the agency since none of us knew how to drive a vehicle apart from the bicycles which we would enjoy riding day and night.

Our driver was professional enough to make our tour joyous since he could tell us the name of every city and town that we passed by in Kenya plus each attractive thing found there thus enjoying our safari tour more and more.

We spent a lot of time on the way before accessing our first destination in Kenya (MAASAI MARA NATIONAL PARK).

Our reason for spending a lot of time on the way was not due to Kenya’s poor roads or anything else but it was because we were visiting many places on the way right from Nairobi (Kenya’s capital) where we visited the Nairobi national museum, Uhuru Park and a brilliant sight to NAIROBI NATIONAL PARK.

We accessed the Park late in the evening at around 06:00pm and had to reside in our booked accommodation near the Park which was Mara Serena lodge where we had supper and breakfast before going inside the Park for our activities.

In the morning after having a cup of tea from the restaurant at our lodge, we entered the Park where we saw a variety of wildlife species being resided there in high populations.

We viewed Africa’s big five species (Lions, Elephants, Buffaloes, Rhinos and Leopards) in large numbers except from the Rhinos which are a bit little as compared to the other four species but best of all we were also able to spot them in their moderate numbers.

Since we had traveled in September, we were also able to see the great migration in the Park where a large number of wildlife migrating to the Park from its southern twin Park in Tanzania called SERENGETI NATIONAL PARK.

We viewed millions of Wildebeests and thousands of Zebras, Thomson’s gazelles, Elands and Topis accessing the Park during this great migration. The species access the Park through the Mara River where also at its shores we viewed a large number of Crocodiles and hippos.

Being one of Kenya’s largest conservation areas, existence of Rivers and also its fertility which allows it to be with a lot of pastures for the animals, force a variety of wildlife species to reside there and it is also a good reason as to why other species also migrate from its southern neighboring Park to access it because of a search for good pastures in MAASAI MARA.

Other popular wildlife species that we were also able to see included; Impalas, Giraffes, Bat-eared foxes, Coke’s hartebeests, Grant’s gazelles, Roan antelopes, Cheetahs, Spotted hyenas and many others.

The Park is also a home to a very large number of bird species which we also viewed in plenty however participating in the balloon safaris was then another story of our safari tour because the balloon safaris alone are even more interesting than anything else in the Park because through it, we got an overall aerial view of the Park plus the whole Masai ecosystem including the views of SERENGETI NATIONAL PARK in Tanzania where through it we realized various behaviors of some animals. We spent four days exploring and enjoying various activities from the Park.

From the Park, our driver drove us straight to our next destination which was AMBOSELI NATIONAL PARK where we spent two days exploring it.

We were really delighted to step onto the land which covers the hugest number of elephants in the whole of Africa since we enjoyed looking at elephants than any other wildlife species.

Since elephants were our favorite species, we enjoyed to view them in a very large quantity as they reside in the Park.

However, in the Park we also viewed other species such as; Lions, Cape buffaloes, Spotted-hyenas, Impalas, Cheetahs, Masai giraffes and others. The brilliant views to Mountain Kilimanjaro also added spices to make our safari tour more interesting.

An interaction with the Masai people who live near the Park also made our tour more colorful because we enjoyed their culture at large including their dances, songs and dressing styles which were all amazing.

We participated in many activities from the Park including an excellent game viewing, bird watching where we sighted at over 400 bird species, cultural encounters where we interacted with the Masai people, nature walks and many others.

After our visitation to the two most interesting Parks in Kenya, we drove to Mombasa for a beach holiday to Kikambala beach which is situated 30km from the town of Mombasa.

This white sand beach was so amazing to us due to its brilliant features such as; its brilliant coral reefs plus an array of resorts which surely make it to be most ideal for leisure and luxury times after the tiresome activities in the Park.

We were able to swim and also involve in boat cruises while at the beach and our tour was really a classy one when we chose to use the Eco Tours Kenya.


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