Ultimate Travel Guide to Kenya


Kenya is undoubtedly one of the best countries in Africa with a wealth of wildlife and bird species.

The ultimate travel guide below highlights what you will see and things to consider before accessing Kenya as well as what you should know about Kenya;


A traveler to Kenya should know how to access it before even planning for his or her tour in the country.

International flights fly direct to Kenya at Jomo Kenyatta Airport which is found in the capital city of Kenya (Nairobi) and the airport is located 15km beyond the Central Business District (CBD).

It is difficult for a traveler to leave Kenya without getting on a Matatu (or minivan) which offers access to the suburbs of which the Matatus (Minivans) play brilliant music as they bounce and weave through traffic and if you are inside them you may even think that you are in a night club.

This means of transport where you use the Matatus is so cheap for you will only be charged a maximum 30Kenya Shillings which is roughly 20 pounds convenient and sometimes a little chaotic.

On addition to that, the Matatus are the choice mode of transport for most Kenyans however at any point if you use the Matatus for your transportation in Kenya you are advised to be very keen on your valuables and belongings since the Matatus carry a lot of individuals with different characters and behaviors.

However, taxis also exist in the country and in plenty but often under maintained. Nairobi is known for its endemic street crime thus being the major reason as to why many people in Kenya have little choice to use a tax especially at night.

You can find them parked on every other street corner in the city center and during the night they are then found outside restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

However, if you have an app of Uber on your phone and you have got data, Uber is also a better choice to choose and it is significantly cheaper than in the UK. Either way, any local will tell you that it’s hard to impress upon a visitor just how bad Nairobi’s traffic is.

Journeys that take five to ten minutes off-peak can take up to an hour during peak hours. So, whatever you do, you have to leave early for literally everything.

How to book for a Kenya safari tour

Travelers are advised to book their Kenya safari tours with the best tour agency (ECO TOURS KENYA) of which the agency has a very friendly and professional staff.

Therefore, due to the brilliance of the agency, it receives a variety of travelers each and every year thus those willing to book with the agency are highly emphasized and advised to book earlier before their safaris.

The agency will help you not to move in Kenya’s public vehicles such as Matatus through hiring you a good 4×4 vehicle of your own choice out of the present ones in the agency together with an experienced driver if at all you need one.

The agency also attracts many travelers to book with it since it offers best and immediate services and at the same time at an affordable price. The agency deals with both budget and luxury travelers of which all are satisfied with the good services of the agency.

The agency will do all the bookings regarding to your Kenya safari including; hotel reservations, airport transfers both after and before your safari, Visa reservations, and if you need a driver the agency resides them in plenty and luckily, he will be reserved for you.

Health status

You have to ensure that your hepatitis A, typhoid, diphtheria and tetanus jabs are up to date well as immunization against yellow fever is recommended.

Malaria is widespread thus anti-malarial tablets are essential and still when in Kenya you are advised to only drink bottled water such that you don’t get typhoid and other diseases which may result from drinking unboiled and impure water.


Travelers should be aware of the type of money to use while in Kenya of which Kenya’s official currency is the Kenya shilling (KSH). Bring along US dollars along as well because many hotels and larger restaurants tend to quote prices in US dollars.

Visitors are required to pay US$ 50 for a single-entry visa that lasts up to three months. If Kenya isn’t your only destination in East Africa you are then emphasized to opt for an East African Tourist visa for US$100 which will allow you to travel between Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda for up to 90 days (three months).

What to eat in Kenya

Vegetarians are most likely to struggle in Nairobi because despite the fact that Nairobi is a cosmopolitan city, local Kenyan fare is fairly basic and very much meat-based most especially the Nyama Choma (roast meat) plus the Ugali (stodgy maize porridge) which is Kenya’s staple food and vegetables such as spinach.

For good, honest local cuisine try Ranalo Foods near the CBD and fish is the specialist here, true to the restaurant’s Luo roots in western Kenya.

The coconut fish stew with Ugali or rice is also a popular choice. Another cheap but equally tasty local haunt is Kilimanjaro Jamia, featuring Somali, Swahili and Indian dishes.

The Alchemist Bar is great for food and drinks plus live music. Outside is the Mama Rocks food court serving up a variety of delicious African-inspired gourmet burgers while the bar doubles up as an event space holding movie nights every Wednesday and nightclub.

If none of that piques your fancy, J’s Fresh Bar in West lands pays homage to the British gastro pub.

The battered fish and chips and Szechuan – peppered squid have got foodies excitedly talking. You’ll find weekly events, like old-school hip-hop and R&B on Tuesdays and Thursday Night Live, a showcase for local bands.


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