Luxury Primates Tours in Rwanda


Having money before going for a safari is one of the best and ideal factors to the money giants who prefer luxurious safaris in Rwanda a country  which is good to visit because of its surprising primates despite of it being small in size.

Rwanda is one of the countries in East Africa that have seen advantages in protecting the endangered primates including gorillas, chimpanzees and Angolan Colobus monkeys.

Having prepared for this four day’s luxurious safari in Rwanda, we had to pay for the gorilla permits at $1500 per person, chimpanzee permits at $90.

Besides only the activities we were to perform in that short time, other primates including the olive baboons, bush babies, vervet Monkeys, owl-faced monkeys and the L’Hoest’s Monkeys are some of the added primates within Rwanda distributed in the various parts of the parks.

On our arrival, we were picked from Kigali international airport I a land cruiser TX, after clearing and acquiring the visa, we were taken to The Manor Hotel where we based to go to Nyungwe in the south west of Rwanda on the second day.

At the hotel, we enjoyed Free WI-Fi, Free Parking, Breakfast, Air Conditioning plus swimming Pool.

This is one of the most attractive parks in Rwanda due to its amazing primates and the added activities visitors can supplement on their tours including canopy and nature walks plus biking activities around the Congo trail.

On reaching the park head quarters, we were taken straight for chimpanzee tracking Here we killed two birds using  one stone as we were doing chimp tracking and at the same time we were watching the Angolan monkeys.

Chimpanzees are the greatest apes found here in Nyungwe national park, it took us time since they had built their nests far away due to food search but we had to see them since we had experienced rangers and guides.

We found them at a certain point deep in the coldness, with mist views though it was a sunny day, chimps are the most intelligent primates due to the fact that they share almost 95% genes of human beings and therefore, one of my colleagues who we moved with had gotten flue but surprisingly he was stopped from tracking. We were told that this was intended to avoid air born disease transmissions to these innocent primates.

We found them in groups with a number of babies around with a funny structure resembling humans, we spent an hour as we were taking photos and also enjoying them playing around each other.

After this activity we had to spot some Angolan monkeys which are among the rarest primates and in east Africa, its only Rwanda which is believed to have them, they were moving in groups of over 30 on the tree tops, their funny eating habit was so amazing as they were eating in a mocking way to us.

As it was moving to night, we went back to Nyungwe Forest Reserve Hotel. Better in all we had moved with our packed food from the hotel, we took a shower and actually we spent an overnight here taking beers and roasted beef.

On the third day we traveled back to Kigali but since we had time, we went direct to Volcanoes National park in the north west of Rwanda bordering, Uganda and DRC Congo. Since it was too late we had to sleep at Sabyinyo Silver Back Lodge a luxury logy around the park.

This is a twenty minutes drive to the park headquarters, the next day in the morning we were briefed and guides led us into tracking the rare endangered mountain gorillas, we were amazed to see them walking bipedally on two feet as the silver back was carrying food with their huge arm spans, the silver back had its silver hairy back stretching to the hips as well as black fur with its mandibular face.

We spent an hour here and after noon we were taken back to The Manor Hotel in Kigali in our TX as were waiting for our departure in the evening at Kigali international airport. In the evening, we were dropped at the airport by Nature Adventure Africa Safaris Limited.


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